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We make it our business to know exactly what companies and customers do on today’s social platforms. We monitor over 8 million social profiles every day - that’s more than 86 billion social connections - tracking every Like, Share, Comment, and Tweet between brands and individuals across all major brand profiles.You can use our free stats to filter the most popular brands by industry or country. Log in with your Facebook credentials to gain deeper insights and access our research reports.

We admit it. Numbers are our thing.

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  Statistics Socialbakers Marketing Suite
Updates Daily Several Times per Day
Platforms Monitored
Metrics per Platform Up to 3 50 +
Time Zone Support All Time Zones Supported
Reporting Executive & Custom Reports
Exporting Formats PPT, CSV, PDF, PNG
Historical Data Up to 3 Months Up to 5 Years
Detailed Information Content Inspiration
Key Influencers
Social Customer Care
Engagement Rating
Key Performance Indicators
Performance Optimization
... and more

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