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Bulgaria Facebook page statistics


Largest Audience

Lazar Angelov

Total fans

15 315 528

Nina Dobrev

Total fans

8 125 080

Wedding Dresses

Total fans

4 359 475

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Facebook Pages Stats in Bulgaria

Total Fans
Total Fans 15 315 528
Total Fans 8 125 080
Total Fans 4 359 475
Total Fans 2 913 599
Total Fans 2 253 638
Total Fans 1 085 181
Total Fans 1 017 198
Total Fans 901 662
Total Fans 858 418
Total Fans 821 540

Glossary & Metrics Overview

  • Total
    Fan Count

    The sum of all Fans of a particular Facebook Page

  • Current Facebook Statistics

    Here you can find the statistics of the top All Pages pages from Bulgaria for the year 2021. Take a look at pages that have the most ‘Fans’ on Facebook. The most ‘liked’ page is Lazar Angelov. If you would like to monitor a specific Facebook page, please use our Facebook monitoring tool.

  • What is a Facebook Page?

    A Facebook Page is a page you can create on Facebook for everything you find interesting or want to promote or represent – your business, your favorite car, your favorite food – whatever you want.

  • What is Facebook Monitoring?

    Facebook monitoring is the use of Socialbakers Suite to process gathered data from Facebook. This means posting, responding, and engaging with your Facebook community and then analyzing the results and the results of others.

  • What is the Process of Facebook Monitoring?

    Facebook monitoring is used for analysis of your Fan Pages and websites users’ online activities through Facebook plug-ins. It is used like Google Analytics, but for Fan Pages. You can monitor the growing size of your target audience, gain valuable insights into current audience characteristics, and harness this data to identify new target audiences for Facebook advertising campaigns. In addition, you can follow audience statistics in an easy-to-understand dashboard that correlates demographics, trends and top interests based on user activity across the Facebook community. See More

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    On this page you will find the currently monitored Facebook Pages. Note that we are listing all of the countries according to specific tags. If you would like to gain valuable insights of these Facebook Pages or others, please use our Facebook monitoring tool.