Socialbakers Suite / Business Plan

Competitive Ads Insights and Data Integration

Deep insights into the paid strategy of your competitors, and an assessment of your social media ROI through integration with digital data and correlation with business intelligence.

Uncover competitors’ paid social media strategies with Promoted Post Detection

Understand the paid content strategy of your competition and your industry: what content they are promoting, when they are promoting it, and how effectively

Compare the promotion strategies of any sets of social profiles

Improve your paid content efficiency and make the case for increased budget

Connect social media and digital performance in Dashboard with Google Analytics

Track the efficiency of your paid activities and their impact on digital goals like website traffic and conversions

Select KPIs according to your needs by customizing preset templates or creating new dashboards

Get a comprehensive overview of your social media activities, Facebook Insights, Facebook ads and Google Analytics data all in one place

Prove your ROI from paid social media with a streamlined executive Dashboard

Connect your social, Facebook ads and Google Analytics performance data in one view

Shift the conversation about social from reach, fan growth and engagement to performance and digital metrics

Track the impact of Facebook paid activities on website traffic and conversions, connecting social media with digital and business objectives

Business Intelligence API

Correlate social media data with business intelligence in 3rd party applications via API

Connect the data from the profiles you are managing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube

Integrate your social media data into your internal systems, dashboards and 3rd party applications

See your social media performance in the context of all of your business intelligence data

All these key features plus Social Media Analytics, Reporting & Publishing are included in the Business Plan

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Social Media Analytics, Reporting & Publishing

Measure and analyze my performance against my competitors and industry, including analyzing the effectiveness of my content across all my audiences. Generate presentation-ready reports in minutes and track my performance on customizable dashboards.

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Predictive Intelligence and Recommendations

Know what to post, when to publish, and what to promote for each of my social profiles. Fully integrate social and business data across my organization to show that my social media activities are making a real impact.

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