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Measure Social Media’s Impact on Your Business Goals

Measure & benchmark social media performance

Measure the performance of your business across social channels. Learn more from your customers, gain valuable insights into industry and competitor activities

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"Socialbakers is helping us to take decisions in real time, comparing, benchmarking, and analyzing all the information, all the KPIs that are important to take decisions, take actions and increase the numbers.”

Andrea Galli, Global Digital Marketing Advisor - DAT Manager Andrea Galli, Global Digital Marketing Advisor - DAT Manager

Optimize paid & organic performance

Use AI to optimize your organic and paid strategy. Promote only your best performing content and publish it at the right time to get the best results from your ad spend

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"Socialbakers allows us to be selective in terms of the content that we should back with budget and to prioritize the posts that should be boosted. It helps us a lot in our work."

Javier Lastarria, Head of Digital Marketing

Visualize & analyze the business impact of social

Integrate social, web analytics and business data to build a complete attribution model for your business. View actionable dashboards and reports to make smarter marketing decisions

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“Socialbakers’ insights arm us with the necessary information to take immediate action to improve customer retention and acquisition.”

Mohammed Ziad Murad, Digital Marketing General Manager

Create & publish content

Leverage AI to find inspiration and gather recommendations that help you create more engaging content to acquire new customers. Collaborate across teams to optimize content scheduling and execution

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"Socialbakers has empowered us with the right tools to engage our community and to tailor the right content for the right customer at the right time.”

Tarek Metwally, Head of Digital

Nurture your social communities

Show customers that they’re at the heart of your business. Retain audiences with a personalized social media engagement platform that scales as you grow. Know that you’re delivering timely responses to every conversation, reaction or question

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“Social customer care is really important for Orange as a service company, so we’re really proud of what Orange has been doing on social media with the help of Socialbakers.”

Lionel Fumado Head of Social Media

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