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Gain insights to improve your strategy by comparing your performance against competitors and the industry.


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Use the gained insights to increase reach and engagement by publishing improved content at the right time, and manage all social channels in one place.

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Use your budget more effectively to boost acquisition, retention and growth with best in class predictive intelligence.

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Compare yourself against your competition with our free social media benchmarking tool!

Social Media News

Everything You Need to Know About Dark Posts

Dark posts are every marketer's secret weapon when it comes to accurate targeting. These invisible posts allow you to create a customized experience for your different segments while keeping a consistent message on your Timeline. Here's…

Measure, Benchmark and Report

Everything you need to measure, benchmark and report on your social media performance in under one minute, all in one place with Socialbakers Analytics. Try it now for 14 days!

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Serving 2500+ Global Clients

  • Taking our social media to the next level meant that we needed to make sure we are using our budget in the right way, and Socialbakers is helping us do just that. We're now able to leverage social media and our budget fully to create engaged audiences across our product portfolio, and drive greater awareness and traffic to our website from social media.

    Javier Lastarria, Digital Marketing Manager

  • We use Socialbakers to get a comprehensive overview of our customer activity and provide best in class customer care.

    Nazeem Mansor, Manager, Guest Relations

  • Desigual

    We use Socialbakers Analytics to better understand what we do, to better understand our results, and to improve through the figures and information for what we will do in the future.

    Boris Mercier, Head of Social Media Desigual

  • Socialbakers is helping us to take decisions in real time.

    Andrea Galli, Global Digital Marketing Advisor - DAT Manager

  • Socialbakers Analytics’s detailed and accurate data gives us a more efficient way to work with our digital partners.

    Feyza Tamer, Marketing Communications Senior Vice President

  • Toyota

    Socialbakers helps us measure, analyze, and understand how our customers interact with our brand.

    Tarek Metwally, Head of Digital Toyota

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