We have launched Facebakers.com

We have launched Facebakers.com image

We have just launched Facebakers.com - a portal oriented on covering statistics on Facebook.

23rd November 2009 – Today, we are launching the portal Facebakers.com, the portal with daily updated statistics from Facebook – especially focused around the countries with Facebook, and how Facebook is doing there. One of the main innovation is, we can spread that in time, and we have started gathering this information in October 2009. In addition to that, Facebakers.com offers the same stats from the top Facebook Pages, and the top Facebook applications, which you can also filter by category (Pages) or author (Applications).

Our bakery mission is to bring you the latest and hotest information and stats from Facebook, but not as a news site – many others like AllFacebook, InsideFacebook, etc. are doing that just great, but as people in the field. Our company is called Candytech, and we bake Facebook solutions for our clients – from strategies to Facebook applications that we can develop.

Facebook Stats in UK in the last 3 months:

Why did we choose a layout similar to the simplistic Facebook design? Easy, because we like it, and feel that it is an honor to put our page in the similar design we spend time in every day, plus the important thing on Facebakers (like on Facebook) isn't the design, but the content.

Why is the portal named Facebakers.com? Because we love baking things on Facebook and on the Facebook platform.

What does it take to make an impact?


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