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Content Type Massively Affects Brands' Reach on Facebook

Content Type Massively Affects Brands' Reach on Facebook image

Find out what´s happening with your reach on Facebook!

For the last month or so every community and social media manager in the land has been talking almost exclusively about one subject, reach. We all feel that we’ve worked diligently to gain a fan base and that as many of them as possible should receive our updates. When it comes down to it, the fans want the updates as well.

However, with the rise in frequency that pages now post at, along with the type of content that brands post, it’s likely that you would have just as much difficulty getting your message across even when using an EdgeRank-free Facebook.

After surveying the data for the last 3 months and going over 47 783 posts from 274 Facebook Pages, we have discovered some interesting information. The first, unsurprisingly, showed that at the start of the month, overall reach for organic updates has dropped from around 20%, to around 8% or 9%.

Secondly and of much greater use, we found eye-opening information about the figures for individual content types. For a long time, we have all considered images to be the most engaging type of content and therefore, to have the best potential reach. This however, is no longer the case. By the 6th of November, images, along with links, were hitting an average of just 8% of your fan base, with videos falling further behind at 6% (even dropping to 5% during the few days before).

It’s not all bad news though. If you were to post a standard text update, then you would still reach somewhere between 11% and 19%! As the statistics show, these numbers are constantly fluctuating, so you need to keep an eye on your post’s reach and constantly evolve your content to stay ahead of the field.

This is the average organic reach of all post types on Facebook from October 24th to November 6th, 2012.

At the moment, one solution may be to just mix it up a bit and try a few text updates. Still, the most important aspect has not changed. Your posts need to be engaging! The more interactions your posts hold, the more weight they will have and the more involved your fans will feel.

Facebook are also trialling out a few new features that can help you maximise your reach. You can read about these in our new features article.

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