October 2012 Social Media Report: Facebook Pages in Salvador

October Socialbakers Regional Reports come with new metrics, new format, and the biggest improvement – country benchmarking!

October 2012 Social Media Report: Facebook Pages in Salvador

With the recent event of releasing new Q3 results for Socially Devoted industries, you can notice new conditions for brands to meet the standard’s criteria: Socially Devoted brands are now ranked by number of questions they answered minus question that were unanswered. At the same time, brand’s Response Rate, which you can find in the middle column, must not fall below 65%. A newly added metric in the Socially Devoted Section is Response Time, which allows you to see the average time it takes a brand to respond to user questions posted on its wall.

Benchmark your page against the country average!

We believe that one of the biggest advantages for every marketing professional is understanding how the brand is doing compared to others. Therefore, we included country benchmarks for two of the most important sections of the Regional Reports: Average Engagement Rate, which shows the average engagement of all brands in your country. Second benchmark is Average Response Rate, which shows how responsive the brands are on average. These benchmarks now empower managers of any local business to understand the brand’s performance as well as learn about the areas of improvement.

We hope you’ll find Socialbakers new Regional Reports as useful as we do. As a bonus, we now prepare every report in html format. It offers more interaction and let’s you share the reports instantly though the “Share” button at the top right corner of the page.

If you want to learn more about each Page from the report, simply click the Facebook page to be redirected to Socialbakers’ page statistics. Furthermore, under the section that lists brands and media Pages by the number of Facebook fans, you can find a link that will redirect you to the full list of Pages in your country.


Facebook Pages in El Salvador

Socialbakers social media report, October 2012.

1.5 MILLION Total Number of Facebook Users in El Salvador

Top 10 FB Brands in El Salvador by Number of Fans

Rank Facebook pageFigures in thousands
1Pizza Hut El Salvador223
2Claro El Salvador181
4Almacenes SIMAN El Salvador167
5Wendy’s El Salvador160
6El Salvador Turismo153
7Samsung Life135
8Decameron El Salvador126
9Tigo El Salvador104
10Cinépolis El Salvador94

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Top 5 FB Brands in El Salvador by Average Engagement Rate

1Nestlé Sentirse Bien1.3864 %
2Quiero trabajar en Unilever0.5475 %
3Smirnoff El Salvador0.4283 %
4Pollo Campero El Salvador0.3849 %
5Papa John’s – El Salvador0.2949 %

Average Engagement Rate: 0.2260%

Top 5 Socially Devoted FB Brands in El Salvador

RankFacebook pageResponse TimeResponse RateAnswered minus unanswered questions
1Claro El Salvador22 Min97 %818
2Tigo El Salvador61 Min87 %356
3Movistar El Salvador28 Min95 %222
4Digicel El Salvador310 Min91 %124
5Decameron El Salvador353 Min83 %31

Average Response Rate: 68 %

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