Alcohol Brands Shake Up Engagement

The Engagement Rate of your posts is more important than you think as it affects your reach on Facebook. Here are the industries posting the most engaging content in Q3, benchmark your performance!

Alcohol Brands Shake Up Engagement

The Engagement Rate of your posts greatly affects how many people they reach on Facebook. The EdgeRank algorithm determines what content will be displayed in the user´s news feed and how often it will get shown. This algorithm considers Affinity as one of the main factors that impacts your post´s visibility, since it defines whether your audience has a close relationship with your brand page. The Affinity score is based on all the interactions a user can initiate, which is why it´s so important to reach a high Engagement Rate, a metric based on the three most important interactions on Facebook: Likes, Comments, and Shares.

This is how we measure it:

We looked at Facebook brand pages that have over 10 000 fans, categorized them by industries, and calculated the average Engagement Rates of their posts during Q3 to provide your brand with a helpful benchmark. What ranking does your company hold in terms of the most engaging content on Facebook? Where does your brand stand compared to your industry standard?

When comparing the results with values from Q1, we noticed a 2 – 3× increase in average post Engagement Rate. This huge shift implies that pages have improved their content strategy and can now offer more interesting posts to engage with.

Never Drink and Drive, But Post The Most Engaging Content on Facebook

Alcohol and automotive brands have been reaching high Engagement Rates with their posts during Q3. Both industries have the advantage of promoting their products with strong visuals, stories, and emotions without pushing a sale’s pitch. Both cars and alcohol are often associated with the different kinds of lifestyles that fans are proud to identify with since they can easily express their personality and individuality to their friends on Facebook.

For example, Jack Daniel´s whiskey is famous for its square shaped bottles and unmistakable logo. The brand acknowledges this and supports it with visuals and quotes that promote its symbols, in this case good old times and craftsmanship, across its Facebook page. And what are cars doing? Most of them are posting high quality visuals focused on details that their fans are interested in, both in the interior and exterior, pointing out new features, technology devices, customized equipment, and the overall image/ personality of the cars. In a way, they are also communicating the powerful craftsmanship of the automotive industry.

Identify What Can Foster Your Relationship

So why don’t you try it out? No matter if you are a beauty or electronics brand, identify what your audience associates with your brand and develop your content strategy based on that. Also make sure to try out different post types. Our latest research revealed a decrease in photo and video reach while text only updates are on the rise. And try out our free 14-day trial with Analytics PRO to gain control over your engagement and compare your performance with your competition or your overall industry.

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