Twilight Dominates the Box Office and Social Media!

The Twilight saga has not only dominated the box office sales, but also Engagement on Facebook. The official Twilight Facebook page occupies the most spots on our Top 30 Facebook Posts list. The Facebook page is visible in 8 spots on the list, with ranks ranging from 3rd to 27th. All the posts are photos, which makes sense as fans have been reliving past movie moments and witnessing sneak peeks of the brand new film as they anxiously await opening night. We have compiled only the list of the Twilight posts as they are, obviously, the most popular!

Twilight Dominates the Box Office and Social Media!

Let’s take a look at which photos were so popular on the official Twilight Facebook page.

This image of the newest cast member who happens to be the child of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan, received the most engagement of all 8 photos (#3 out of 30). Fans were undoubtedly eagerly counting down the hours until the movie hit theaters. The photo received 468,708 Likes, 9398 Comments and 50,606 Shares concluding with an Engagement Rate of 1.48%.

The second spot on our list goes to another promotional photo of Edward and Bella. The Facebook page was very successful at creating hype on the film’s opening night. This photo received a 1.42% Engagement Rate with 438,868 Likes, 10,357 Comments and 57,778 Shares.

Once the film finally opened, Engagement on the Facebook page did not stop. A photo of the main characters, Bella, Edward and Jacob in wolf form received 432,479 Likes, 15,054 Comments and 21,568 Shares with a 1.31% Engagement Rate. After opening night, fans were probably too busy actually seeing the film to continue liking photos on Facebook!

Another pre-film release photo of Jacob Black and other members of the wolf pack hits the #4 spot on our list. This photo received 427,595 Likes, 8,312 Comments and 54,635 Shares with a total Engagement Rate of 1.37%. 2 days prior to opening night, fans were getting very anxious!

A photo of Edward and Bella will definitely get a high engagement rate, but a photo of the two kissing? A major win! This picture of the two lovebirds proves that with 407,915 Likes, 7,661 Comments and 58,701 Shares. This post took #5 on our list.

The birth of Edward and Bella’s daughter, Renesmee, was a big hit in the story, but a pic of the new family was a big hit on Facebook. This photo of Bella holding her new daughter received 271,088 Likes, 8,260 Comments and 7,925 Shares with an Engagement Rate of 0.80%, leaving it at the #6 spot.

The seventh placeholder was not a photo, but a video of a shortened version of the movie trailer. The video received 259,020 Likes, 7,736 Comments and 20,486 Shares with an Engagement Rate of 0.80%.

The eighth position of top posts goes to a photo of past opening nights for the films. The photos include all three major characters. The photo gained 235,245 Likes, 2,830 Comments and 9,232 Shares with an Engagement Rate of 0.69%. Reliving the past with such a beloved cast is surely a fun experience for Facebook fans.

The final most engaging post on our list goes to this photo of all Twilight film’s soundtrack covers. The music from the films has been extremely popular and the newest soundtrack is sure to be just as big of a hit! The post received 232,738 Likes, 2,758 Comments and 19,364 Shares. The engagement rate of this photo was 0.71%, but it’d be interesting to see the sales from the soundtrack!

As you can see, the Twilight Saga has been a massive phenomenon on the big screen and social media. Fans love this story and the characters. Now that the films and books have ended, we are certain the story will still live on via its various social media channels.

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