Industry Growth on Facebook Pages

In many aspects, Facebook can be considered the fastest growing platform in the digital space.

Industry Growth on Facebook Pages

Much has been said about Facebook’s geographical growth; in fact, Socialbakers has been one of the major providers of this news to our readers. In June of this year, Latin America became the fastest growing Facebook region. In early September, Asia surpassed Europe and North America and became the largest continent on Facebook. The last and perhaps the most significant of the recent milestones was when Facebook reached the 1 billion user mark just one month ago.

Where does Facebook grow?

Facebook has changed its face as a marketing platform. Today, it’s the home for all existing industries and many of them already showed their strength by inflow on new brands, stable fan growth and consistently high engagement rate. If you’re curious about which are the lucky industries and whether yours is one too, read on.

For the purposes of our study, we monitored 14 biggest Facebook industries for a period of three months, from July to September 2012. We assessed the industry’s social media potential from two perspectives: growth of average Brand size by number of fans and net increase of new Facebook pages in the industry.

Pages with the highest fan growth: Health and Alcohol

What irony. Alcohol is the second fastest growing industry on Facebook with an average fan growth of 13%. At the end of Q3, the average Facebook Alcohol page size by number of Fans was close to 200 thousand. As we reported recently, Alcohol brands are going well in other social media metrics. In Q3, Alcohol had the highest Engagement Rate of all industries with 0.40%.

According to relative growth of number of fans, the Health industry tops the list. From Q2 to Q3, brands in the Health industry added an average of 19% (14 thousand) new fans and 54 new pages. Despite the high percentage growth, Health remains the smallest of all industries on Facebook with the average page size of mere 87 thousand. For comparison, the Fashion industry has the biggest average page size – almost half a million of fans!

FMCG is the fastest growing industry on Facebook

With the net increase of 533 new pages in Q3, FMCG can be crowned as the fastest moving and the largest industry on Facebook. Today, there are 5,107 FMCG brands on Facebook, which means an increase of 1,354 pages in only two months! Due to such a rapid inflow of new competitors into the industry, FMCG brands were able to increase their fan bases by only 3%. The average Facebook Page size in FMCG industry is 300 thousand of fans. The Ecommerce industry, although much smaller (1,852 brands currently), added 22% of new pages in the third quarter of 2012.

In relative terms, Health and Travel are the fastest moving industries; they’ve added 28% and 23% new Facebook pages respectively.


Nowadays, the vast majority of marketers consider Facebook as one of their main channels for brands’ social marketing activities. This has proved a good decision for brands that are interested in active and authentic relationship with their fans and customers. Although some industries may seem to be more successful than others, Facebook as a platform is without a doubt suitable for all of them because it fosters communication and trust in, many times, intangible marketing efforts.

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