Redskins Defeat The Giants On Facebook And On The Field

Monday Night Football has been a tradition for many Americans for the past forty years. Recently, with the help of international sports networks and social media, Monday Night Football is becoming popular on a global scale. Let's see which teams utilize social media sites best to promote their own trademark and engage their fan base.

Redskins Defeat The Giants On Facebook And On The Field

A Short History

Every Monday night, starting in September and running until the playoffs, National Football League (NFL) teams battle it out on the field. Monday Night Football began in 1970 on AMC, as one of the longest running and highest-rated Prime Time commercial network television series. Since 2005, Monday Night Football is broadcasted live on ESPN, in Europe on ESPN America, and on Canadian channels. An announcement was made in 2010, stating that Monday Night Football would be shown on ESPN UK, ESPN Australia, in Portugal on SportTV3 and SportTV HD, in Denmark on TV 2 Sport, and in countries outside the US on ESPN International. If you’re new to Monday Night Football, you will have plenty of time to catch up, since ESPN has extended its contract for another eight seasons, until 2021.

Giants vs Redskins

Last night’s game was a close one, resulting in the Washington Redskin’s win with 17 points and the New York Giants with 16.

Missed last night’s game? Not to worry. The Washington Redskins official Facebook page provides fans with posts providing quarterly recaps, with embedded links that offers complete play-by-plays. Yesterday’s Redskins’ post allowed fans to submit questions through Twitter for the 9 AM Morning Redskins Roundup – Tuesday Edition. In just 11 hours, the winning post about last night’s game received 39 206 Likes and 5 540 shares. The Redskins Facebook page continues to promote engagement by asking fans to vote for their MVR player of the game here. However, the post that proves to be the icing on the cake provides an offer to win a VIP experience at the December 30th Redskin’s game against the


The New York Giant’s official Facebook page posted a preemptive strike against the Washington Redskins by asking Fans to vote in a Twitter “Tug of War” before Monday night’s game. Though the Giants did not post recaps of the game, they did offer names to radio broadcasts, like WFAN 660AM/101.9FM or My9 for the New York area. The Giants promoted engagement by publishing a post that asked fans to press Like, if they expected the Giants to turn the game around during the second half. This post also provided a number that fans could call if they wanted to voice their opinion about the first half of the game. This post took second place, receiving 27 937 Likes and 1 091 shares.

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