Fake Followers Check: A New Free Tool From Socialbakers

Fake Followers Check: A New Free Tool From Socialbakers image

Is your Twitter account being overloaded with scams promising, "work from home" or a miracle "diet?" Or, perhaps, have some of your followers become inactive? With Socialbakers' new Fake Followers tool, you can see how healthy your profile is!

Whether you are managing your personal or business account on Twitter, you certainly don’t want to deal with fake or inactive followers. They might make you look more popular, but they can also ruin your brand´s reputation, decrease your engagement, or spam your news feed with scams and unwanted content. That´s why we developed a free tool, Fake Followers, which is designed to analyze your Twitter profile in a matter of seconds.

Check out the Fake Followers tool here.

If your followers meet any one of these criterion, they may be fake, empty or inactive.

We Define Fake Or Empty Followers By The Following Criteria:

  1. The Following / Followers ratio is less than 50 Following / 1 Follower
  2. They repeat spam phrases like “diet,” “make money,” and “work from home”
  3. Tweets are repeated more than three times
  4. More than 90% of the account´s tweets are retweets
  5. More than 90% of tweets are links and the profile has a following : followers ratio of 7 : 1 or more. This means, for example, that the profile is following 7 others while only being followed by 1.
  6. The account has never tweeted

We understand that these criteria, number 6 in particular, don’t necessarily define fake followers, but rather followers that are considered what we call “empty”. We believe that these criteria set the best standards for detecting fake profiles and they provide us with highly accurate results.

We Define Inactive Followers By The Following Criteria:

  1. Has only 1 or 2 retweets on profile
  2. Last tweet is older than 3 months

How To Interpret Your Results:

0–10% Your Followers are legitimate and alright.

10–20% You may have some fake or inactive Followers, but you probably have nothing to worry about.

20–40% You should be cautious, but If you have a large number of Followers then it is natural that some of these Followers are no longer active Twitter users. This is not a red flag, but you should investigate your followers to make sure.

50–70% Now this is a red flag! Check your Followers and look at who they are.

70–100% Your account is practically made out of fake Followers. Take action immediately!

Whatever result you obtain, don’t forget to always keep an eye on who's following you, always thank the user for the follow, and if the account seems suspicious, try to establish a dialogue to verify it.

To check out the score of the Twitter accounts you are interested in, use the tool up to ten times a day. You can type in any Twitter handle you want, which means that you can analyze anyone from Justin Bieber to your competition. Could they be buying fake followers to boost their credibility? When we analyze a profile, we check up to 2 000 Followers per account. Although the Fake Followers check is in beta, it's pretty accurate, with a small error margin of roughly 10 – 15%.

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