Do you know the top FMCG brands on Facebook?

Socialbakers brings you list of top FMCG companies on Facebook

Do you know the top FMCG brands on Facebook?

Today, we would like to share a list of TOP FMCG companies on Facebook. FMCG (or Fast Moving Consumer Goods) market is a very powerful sector in terms of Fans on Facebook as you can see on the following chart.

Top FMCG brands on Facebook

Number one company among FMCG is Coca-Cola (22M fans). Coca-Cola isn’t only the biggest company on Facebook among FMCG but also the number one brand on Facebook overall.

Second position belongs to popular biscuits Oreo (16M fans). Oreo is closely followed by Red Bull (15M fans) and Skittles (15M fans). These two brands have very similar Fan Growth rate as you can see on the following graph:

Fan Growth of Red Bull and Skittles

From the 5th position we see quite a drop. Pringles (9M fans) is followed by Monster Energy (8M fans) and Dr Pepper (7.7M fans). Top 10 list is closed by Nutella (7.5M fans), Ferrero Rocher (7.5M fans) and Starburst (7.4M fans).

The most dynamic growth in the last 3 months experienced Ferrero Rocher (+28.96 % fan change) and Monster Energy (+28.38 fan change). Let’s see if these two brands will make their way up in the charts.

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