Are Katy Perry And Britney Spears Faking It On Twitter?

Did you already try out our new Fake Followers check tool? The larger your fan base on Twitter, the more likely you have to deal with fake followers, which is why we looked at celebrity accounts. How did they stand the test?

Are Katy Perry And Britney Spears Faking It On Twitter?

Back in August, Facebook started investigating Pages and deleting millions of fake Likes. Celebrity Pages have been especially affected by this purge because they comprise the most popular profiles with the largest fan bases. As we informed you, Shakira, Lady Gaga, and Justin Bieber belonged to the fastest decreasing Pages at that time. Does that mean that celebrities buy fake Facebook fans and Twitter followers or are their fans simply not active? We developed a tool that detects the percentage of fake, empty, inactive and good followers of any Twitter account you choose to investigate.

We launched it a few days ago and to start its engines, we decided to look at how “healthy” celebrity Twitter accounts are. According to our statistics, Lady Gaga (31 836 568), Justin Bieber (31 059 199), Katy Perry (29 715 032), Rihanna (27 082 835) and Britney Spears (22 292 377) dominate the ranking with the most followers, so we ran them through our new tool. This is how they scored:

Perry And Spears Have The Most Inactive Followers

These two pop divas seem to have the most fake/empty followers within the top five celebrities on Twitter (they can be defined by the following criteria). They even have the biggest percentages of inactive followers (16%), which means that only half of their fan bases are really interacting with their tweets.

Justin Bieber Has The Healthiest Account From The Top 5

Justin Bieber is usually known to have the most fake followers but he doesn´t have as much of them as Katy Perry or Britney Spears do. His 31-million-strong fan base includes “only” 8 385 983 illegitimate/

passive followers.

The Fake Followers check also revealed that Lady Gaga has 31% of fake/empty followers and Rihanna 30%, which are not good scores either but they are quite standard for large celebrity accounts. Wondering why some celebrities decide to buy them? Because they believe that the size of their follower base reflects how popular they are and that the more they get followed (especially by your friends), the more tempted you will be to join them. What they don’t realize is that it negatively affects their Page Engagement Rate because the metric is calculated as the total amount of interactions over the amount of followers it has on the given day.

The same applies for brands – as soon as they eliminate their fake fans, they will gain better insight into how many people are truly active and what percentage of their fan base engages with their brand on a regular basis. Try out the Fake Followers tool to see how healthy your Twitter account is and how many followers you need to get rid of in order to increase your overall social strategy performance.

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