Mercedes-Benz And Ferrari Accelerate Fan Growth

Mercedes-Benz and Ferrari are not just fast cars, they also have very fast growing Facebook pages. Both companies released a video to thank their fans for their support which is increasingly becoming a trend in social media. How would you celebrate your Facebook milestones?

Mercedes-Benz And Ferrari Accelerate Fan Growth

With the upcoming Christmas season, Mercedes-Benz and Ferrari already have a reason to celebrate. Both car manufacturers recently hit interesting Facebook milestones! German car manufacturer, Mercedes-Benz, reached 9 million fans on December 2nd and four days later, Italian sports car brand, Ferrari, celebrated 10 million Facebook fans. To express their gratitude, they came up with some original videos.

Mercedes-Benz: Moving Fans With Moving Thank You Video

Mercedes-Benz wanted to create something unique, so they decided to celebrate 9 million fans with light painting, a very popular visual technique. Famous Finnish artist Ansi Maatta created a real-time production with the CLS Shooting Brake model, basically turning the car into a canvas and delivering a memorable visual experience as a thank you for the support.

10 Million Fans Are Not A Breeze According To Ferrari

Ferrari on the other hand relied on their audience´s sense of humor with a viral social media joke. They based their video on the ambiguousness of the word “fan” and compared their Facebook fans to the fans meant for cooling or ventilation. The cartoon features Ferrari chairman Luca di Montzemolo as well as Formula One drivers Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso. But what´s even more impressive is that the company is accelerating so fast – it celebrated 5 million Facebook fans in February and 8 million of them just seven months ago in May (with this video)!

Our Analytics PRO tool can, in addition to other things, compare and benchmark two competitors against each other across various key performance indicators; so, we decided to look closely at the fan growth of Mercedes-Benz and Ferrari over the last year. You can imagine our surprise when we discovered that they seem to have been following the same trends in growth. Especially when the Formula 1 season in Australia caused a spike in growth during March, as you can see in the graph below:

Concerning the level of engagement they offer their fans, Ferrari seems to be posting way more (especially photos and links) but Mercedes-Benz is more successful in reaching high Engagement Rates. On the other hand, Ferrari´s albums get more interactions (Likes, Comments and Shares) which is a very important post type for the car industry, presenting the design and special features of their products.

According to our statistics, only BMW has more fans than Ferrari and Mercedes-Benz. Check out what makes car brands so popular in social media and some other examples of brands like Kraft or AT&T thanking their fans for their support.

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