Facebook Performance of UK Brands and Media

This time we've compared brands and media performance throughout the UK. Find out which types of posts are most successful, which brands and media are most engaging, and how you can adopt these strategies in order to bolster your relationships with your fans.

Facebook Performance of UK Brands and Media

In this case study, we compared the difference in Facebook performance between UK brands and media, in order to illustrate the different strategies each company uses throughout the different sectors. We monitored a range of brand and media companies from the 1st of October until the 31st.

UK Brand Post Types

It is always important to publish the type of content on Facebook that your audience finds most engaging. This will increase your audience interaction and give you invaluable feedback on whether your fans like or dislike your products and services.

Photos were by far the most popular content type for UK brands. Photos were published 71.61% of the time. The second most used post type was Links, which were used 14.10% of the time. Following these two content types, statuses were used 7.70% of the time and videos were used 5.40%.

Types of Brand Posts

The Most Engaging Brand Post

The most engaging post for the month of October was the above photo of various Laithwaites Wines, with the heading “Win our Cool, Crisp Rosés.” If a fan commented on this post, they would be automatically entered in a raffle to win a free wine. While this is a violation of the Facebook Promotions Guidelines, but it clearly worked! The photo received an outstanding 1,626 comments and had a 25.22% engagement rate.

Most Popular Brand Post by Number of Interactions

This post received 27 391 Likes, making it the most popular brand post in October. Not only this, but 712 fans commented the post, and a whopping 1 798 fans shared it, giving the post an 11.66% engagement rate.

Most Shared Brand Post

The most shared brand post goes to Amnesty International for their post about Malala Yousufzai. Amnesty International utilized Facebook in order to promote awareness about Yousufzai’s story, receiving 7 178 shares at a 21.92% engagement rate.

UK Media Posts

It is obvious that different media organizations should not all publish the same types of content. Tailoring content to fit the needs of your audience will increase your fan engagement.

Links were the most popular content type for UK media. Links were published 52.91% of the time. The second most used post type was Photos, which were used 37.11% of the time. Following these two content types statuses were used 5.65% of the time and videos were used 3.82%.

Types of Media Posts

Most Engaging Media Post

This was the most engaging media post amongst its fan base. The photo of the household cavalry horse named “Thomas” included a quick description about its retirement and a link to the article. This post received more than 16,000 Likes and had an engagement rate of 11.79%. This post was also the most popular by the total number of interactions and the most shared UK media post in October.

2nd Most Popular Media Post

We’ve research the second most popular Facebook media post, from BBC Radio 1. This photo of Judi Dench earned 12 680 Likes, and 985 Shares with an engagement rate of 1.18%.


We’ve found that the most frequently used type of content for UK brands are photos, whereas the most frequently used type of content for UK media companies are links. For both UK brands and media, the most frequent type of fan interaction is a “Like.” However, media pages have a much higher ratio of comments and shares. UK brands versus media have a very different content publishing strategy because they are attempting to achieve different objectives on Facebook. Therefore, when determining a publishing strategy, it is important to use content that your audience finds engaging and balance the right proportion of links and images that suit your brand.

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