Don’t Get Dragged Down by Fake Followers

Recently we created a free tool that allows users to check the number of fake followers a Twitter account has. We strongly believe that fake followers are detrimental to brands’ Twitters pages and wanted to tell you why.

Don’t Get Dragged Down by Fake Followers

In today’s social media world, honesty weighs heavily on a brand’s success. Fans need to be able to trust the brand and since they can see and judge brands’ posts and interactions, brands need to pay attention to what message they are sending. Having a high number of fake followers in your fan base causes your brand to seem dishonest and therefore ultimately phony itself.

You can check your fake follower status here.

How to Build a Genuine Community on Twitter

We’d like to offer you some suggestions of how to expand you fan base on Twitter.

1. Always have a good description of your product. Fans don’t want to guess what your product is, how it works and/or the services it provides. The clearer and more detailed you are about your product, the more likely the fan is to trust in it.

2. Always put your face behind the handle. Fans tend to believe in the product when there is a human face connected to it. Therefore, you shouldn’t hide behind a logo, or sign off as admin. You should always sign off with your own name. For example, Vodafone UK has photos and names of their tweeters listed directly on their Twitter page, allowing fans to see which person has tweeted what.

3. Always try to keep a conversation. When responding to fans, make sure that you are polite and honest. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to apologize for mistakes. The social media environment is very forgiving, but you have to make sure that you acknowledge where you have done something wrong.

4. Always check who follows you. When receiving a new follower, always click on their profile to see who they are, thank them for the follow and set up a relationship. Fans will appreciate the interaction. However, if the follower displays signs of ambiguity and seem to have a fake status, then block them because they will hurt your community in the long run.

5. Be proactive with your posts. Don’t only syndicate out your news (a practice commonly used by media outlets), but try to create a dialogue and make sure to reply to fans. Also, look proactively for opportunities to engage your followers. This will help to genuinely grow your fan base.

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