NEW: Local Facebook Page Fan Counts now on Socialbakers!

Facebook finally introduced local fan counts for all Facebook Pages. Now, brands can measure the volume of fans by country, develop strategies for a target audience, and even rank your competitors' pages without special admin rights.

NEW: Local Facebook Page Fan Counts now on Socialbakers!

For the first time ever, you can now breakdown the number of your and your competitors’ Facebook page fans by country. Socialbakers’ Facebook Pages Statistics offers a more local experience by showing the list of the TOP 45 countries, providing the local number of fans from the total fan base for every Facebook page! Socialbakers is currently the only company to launch these statistics and we did so in just a 9-day turnaround.

This is indeed amazing! Just go to any Facebook page on Socialbakers and you will be able to see it. Thanks to this update from Socialbakers, marketers will be able to gain more insights into their competitions’ audience by understanding the distribution of their fans across the world.

See how this changes, for example, the German Facebook brand page rank.

Important Note: This is not the final shift of the rankings. Soon, new rankings will include local fan counts from global pages.

New Era of Local Facebook Marketing Begins Now

We are implementing a new ranking of brands based on the number of the fans they have in different countries. This way, you can see which brands dominate in which countries. Monitoring the distribution of brands’ fans by countries delivers amazing new possibilities and insight. Now, brands can identify where the majority of their competitors’ fans come from and can adapt their social marketing strategies accordingly.

Once again, we want to prove how dedicated we are to our users and customers by guiding you through these changes. In fact, as a fellow marketer, we will enjoy these changes as much as you will. We are the only company that can launch this new feature at this worldwide scale and show local rankings of all pages on Facebook. This is exactly the reason to choose a partner with a global footprint and history of innovation over a small, local player which may lack the resources to scale these features.

Of course, it also is available to view and compare, directly in our Socialbakers Analytics tool!!

NOTE: This allows us to see completely new angles, all new rankings. We will be in touch in the following days to let you know how these changes will revolutionize the way you measure your success. This is HUGE!!!

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