The Wall Street Journal: Less is More

Did you already set your New Year´s social media resolutions and goals? Get inspired by The Wall Street Journal and start analyzing your social media performance to boost your engagement and reach on Facebook.

The Wall Street Journal:  Less is More

It might seem like we are repeating ourselves when we talk about the importance of analyzing your social media performance but Facebook Pages like the one belonging to The Wall Street Journal (649 151 fans) keep reminding us of how it pays off. One of the most popular American business newspapers used to post on average 7 Facebook updates a day resulting in about 1 841 daily interactions (Likes, Comments and Shares) at the beginning of year 2012.

The Wall Street Journal Decreased Post Frequency And Increased Interactions by 74%

But according to Analytics PRO, a less intense content strategy suits its audience better. The Wall Street Journal gradually decreased its posting frequency by 43% to 4 updates a day which boosted its interactions by an amazing 74% (3 215 Likes, Comments and Shares) and resulted in a higher Engagement Rate towards the end of the year, while still following healthy trends in fan growth. The newly adapted strategy engaged the newspaper better with its fans and increased its reach on Facebook as proven here.

The media industry is usually used to posting more than brands but even they need to face the increasing traffic in the newsfeeds as more businesses join the social network and users become fans of more Facebook Pages. The increasing competition causes a general shift of social marketing towards the emphasis on quality over quantity and more in depth analytics. To react fast to all the changes happening within social networks, you basically need to become more adaptable, adjusting your strategy to the current situation and conditions.

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It´s Much Better When You Know Who You Are Talking To

Sometimes it only takes one person to lead the social marketing strategy in the right direction and in this case it was probably Liz Heron, who left her position as social media editor for The New York Times to lead social media and engagement for The Wall Street Journal in March last year. Her next goal is to broaden The Wall Street Journal’s readership with content that appeals to a younger, female audience which represents quite a challenge considering that business is still dominated by men. She plans to do so with the help of Pinterest but Facebook can also offer great opportunities when you know what interests your target audience. Check out Market Insights for more information.

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