Xbox vs. PlayStation: Which Console is Scoring Facebook Fans in which Countries?

With Local Facebook statistics, you can enjoy the advantages of a brand new benchmark. Take a look at our infographic mapping the fan distribution of two competing game consoles, Xbox and Playstation.

Xbox vs. PlayStation: Which Console is Scoring Facebook Fans in which Countries?

Facebook recently introduced local fan counts for all Facebook Pages, which means that you can monitor your competitor´s fan distribution while developing your social marketing strategy. We were the first in the world to provide this valuable data to marketers! Wouldn’t you want to know where your competitors’ fans come from? Since then we’ve been having fun exploring the local statistics. Looking at longtime rivals has already produced some interesting results, such as the fact that Pepsi has more Facebook fans in the United States comparatively than Coca-Cola.

Today we looked at gaming giants PlayStation and Xbox, two game consoles that always ignite passionate conversations between fans. We looked at which brand has the strongest Facebook support across 25 selected countries. What you’ll see in the infographic below is that Xbox has more Facebook fans than its rival in countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia but lags behind in other countries, especially in Europe and Asia. So the winner of this battle is: PlayStation!

Note: we analyzed all the Facebook Pages containing keywords “PlayStation” and “Xbox” on January the 2nd 2013.

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