Read All About it! The UK Media is Genuine on Twitter

Socialbakers has already stressed the importance of maintaining a genuine fan base on Twitter. Since social media success is built upon honesty, fans need to be able to trust your brand’s posts and interactions. At the end of the day, Fake Followers are a sham that causes your brand to appear dishonest.

Read All About it!  The UK Media is Genuine on Twitter

One industry for whom honesty and trustworthiness is important is the media, and the battle for readership is fierce, especially in the U.K. So we decided to take a look at British newspapers to see how genuine their Twitter fans really are. Let’s see how they held up on our Fake Followers Check tool:

The Times

This bastion of British news ranked first with the least amount of Fake Followers. The Times of London has a Twitter fan base of 53 592 users and has tweeted 67 443 times. With only 8% fake or empty followers, and 6% inactive Times readers can rest assured of its authenticity.

The Daily Mail

The Mail Online is perhaps the most read online newspaper in the world with daily traffic almost twice that of it’s nearest rival. The Mail has a whopping 194 699 followers on Twitter and has tweeted 92 475 times. Even with this huge number of followers, it maintains a genuine Twitter fan base, with only 14% fake or empty followers with 8% inactive.

The Guardian

As the second most read UK online, The Guardian also measured well in the Fake Follower Check. Its Twitter page has 748 714 followers and has tweeted 23 737 times. We found that this news source only has 11% fake or empty and 7% inactive followers. These are numbers that followers can rely on.

The Telegraph

Another popular media source on Twitter, earning a 166 269 fan count and tweeting 156 115 times. Fans use The Telegraph’s Twitter page for updates on news stories. They scored: 16% fake or empty and 9% inactive.

Fans should be able to trust their media sources no matter which channel they use, so it’s reassuring to know that most these newspapers’ Twitter fans are authentic. Become a trustworthy source! Get rid of your Fake Followers! Use our free tool to find out how many you might have, now with a link found directly on Socialbakers’ homepage.

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