Facebook’s New Rankings – Be the First to See How it Affects the World’s Top Brands!

Today we are excited to be the first and only analytics provider to launch a feature that allows marketers to benchmark their brands under the new Facebook ranking system!

Facebook’s New Rankings – Be the First to See How it Affects the World’s Top Brands!

Recently made available to developers, the new Local Page Ranks breaks down the total number of fans by country. Previously only the admin of a Facebook page could see where in the world it’s fans were distributed, but now with Socialbakers’ new tool this information is available to everybody.

This changes the social media landscape for everyone. “Brands that previously found themselves top of the rankings in terms of fan numbers, have dropped significantly. However the benefits of this tool are clear. Marketers can better target their social media campaigns to make them more relevant to the markets in which they sell their products or services.” says Socialbakers CEO Jan Rezab.

Local Fan Counts Present An Unprecedented Competitive Advantage

Facebook rolled out local statistics for all Facebook Pages towards the end of 2012 and we worked tirelessly to implement the new feature on Socialbakers.com.

As of today, you can visit Socialbakers Page statistics and, for the first time, see what countries your competitors’ fans come from. By clicking directly on the Facebook Page, you can also access more details about fan distribution in the top 5 countries where fans are present. This provides you with further valuable insights into their audience. By identifying competitors’ strongest and weakest markets, you can adapt your social media strategy accordingly and gain the crucial advantage you will need to succeed in 2013.

Whereas 2012 was about establishing brand presence in social media and recognizing the importance of being socially devoted, 2013 will be about consistent, robust data insights that will give your brand a huge competitive advantage. It will be even more important to select a partner that can provide global insights as well as process and analyze local data. Smaller, local providers will simply not be able to cope with the sudden jump in the amount of available data and 2013 could prove catastrophic for them. We are proud to be the first and (so far) only company to launch local fan page counts. At the same time we continue to monitor over 10 million social media profiles across the world, providing marketers and brands fully complete social media data insights!

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