Local Fan Reports: Who’s for a Nice Cup of Tea?

Now that we’ve got ahold of Facebook’s New Local Rankings, we’re able to break down number of fans by page, according to location. Brands are able to see how their competition is performing throughout each region.

Local Fan Reports:  Who’s for a Nice Cup of Tea?

The Brits are known for their tea consumption, so it’s no wonder that a number of tea brands come from this island. We were curious to see if any country in the world also had a similar passion for the British hot beverage brands.

Hardly surprisingly, no nation came close to the Brits for the love of their local tea brands, certainly not in Europe. However we did find that fans of a good British cuppa’ came from rather farther afield…

The Tetley Tea Folk

The Tetley Tea Folk proved most popular out of the selected tea brands in the UK with a fan base of 366 685 users. The US ranked second highest in fan base for this brand, with 4 262 fans, followed by Canada, with 1 842 fans, and Australia, with 1 182. It has a strong local fan base, with 96% of its fans being from the UK.

PG Tips

PG Tips took second place in popularity in the UK, earning a fan base of 281 349 users. This brand gained more popularity in the US than The Tetley Tea Folk, with 6 545 fans. Canada seems a bit skeptical about this brand, with a fan base of only 363. Australia is starting to get on-board with a fan count of 705 users. It can also boast a 95% local fan base.

Yorkshire Tea

Yorkshire Tea may be the least popular brand out of the three with a UK fan base of 122 388 users, but won the hearts of the US, with a huge fan base of 19 779 Facebook users. Canada is also sold on Yorkshire Tea, building a 3 749 fan base. Australia gave this brand a 1 149 fan count, just slightly lower than The Tetley Tea Folk. Surprisingly, this smaller brand was the most popular abroad comparatively with 77.4% of its fans being local.

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