10 Fastest Growing Countries on Facebook in 2012

Throughout 2012, several countries experienced a significant growth in user volumes on Facebook. Some of these changes have contributed to the shift in the overall ranking of continents!

10 Fastest Growing Countries on Facebook in 2012

Facebook’s landscape was completely transformed in 2012. North America officially lost its dominant position and dropped down to number three, as Asia surpassed it in May. Asia continued to grow, overtaking Europe in August, becoming the biggest Facebook continent with currently over 278 million Facebook users. As you can see in one of the graphs below, this rapid growth in user volume is due to countries, like India, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, South Korea, and Thailand.

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2012 was also a game-changing year for Brazil as it became the second biggest Facebook country and gained the most new monthly active users, almost 30 million, from January 1st to December 31st 2012. According to the latest regional report, Guaraná Antartica and Skol still belong to Brazil´s top social brands. It looks like there is still growth potential in Latin America, due to the fact that Facebook continues to gradually penetrate the region, even surpassing Orkut a couple of months ago.

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