Amazing Facebook Chat Cheats

We’ve discovered some Facebook Chat secrets! Thought you had a limited number of emoticons on Facebook? Guess again. Take a look at our chart and spice up your conversations.

Facebook Images can be Converted into Emoticons

Did you know that any image that has been uploaded to Facebook and made visible to public can be converted into an emoticon? Each image has its own unique ID number, which you can then copy and paste into these “[[]]” brackets. The ID is in the URL.

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For example, a photo with this URL:… has the ID: 10151451122089744.

Simply place the ID number between the brackets and you can send a miniature image to the person you are chatting with. There are endless possibilities!

Note: These miniature images work great with the Facebook Photo Zoom extension for web browsers. Just hover your cursor above the miniature and the original-sized image will pop-up.

Official Facebook Emoticons & Smileys

We’re all familiar with smiley emoticons for Facebook Chat, but did you know about the shark, penguin, or the Chris Putnam emoticons? No? Here’s a table of the standard Facebook emoticon commands. Facebook is also able to convert some text symbols into smileys. Try it for yourself! ☝ ☀ ❤ ☺♥ ☁ ✌

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