Domino’s Guatemala – A Truly Socially Devoted Brand

In March 2011, Domino’s Guatemala realized a social media campaign would provide a closer relationship with its customers which led to creating a digital world for interacting and connecting with them.

Domino’s Guatemala – A Truly Socially Devoted Brand

Socially Devoted is a way of life, a way of doing business, the new standard in online customer care. Whether Facebook or Twitter, consumers are online now more than ever. Because of this, customer care has shifted into a virtual world of questions, testimonials, problems, solutions and referrals. Creating an open platform for customers and fans to interact directly with the brand and other fans enhances business and cultivates relationships, as proven with Domino’s Guatemala.

Why Social?

In March 2011, Domino’s Guatemala realized a social media campaign would provide a closer relationship with its customers which led to creating a digital world for interacting and connecting with them. Coordinator of Digital Marketing, Javier Mendizabal, explains, “At the beginning, we were searching for having more intimate relationships and interactions with our customers, but soon realized it was not going to be effective until we allocated resources completely dedicated to social media.” Mendizabal also understood that providing a social media outlet to Dominos fans would “represent Domino’s as a brand that customers can engage with, not just receive customer complaints or everyday comments.”

When asked what lead to the decision to create a social media outlet for customers, Mendizabal says, “It seemed that customers were expecting us to join Facebook. So with the quick community growth that we achieved, we needed to be there most of the time to respond to customers inquiries and to let our brand personality be exposed properly to that community. So we decided to generate a team, allocate economic resources and become more active at social networks.”

The Benefits

Since establishing the campaign, Domino’s Guatemala has seen many improvements in their brand. Mendizabal says, “Social Media has become a marketing asset for our company. It has become a reliable vehicle to communicate our message, as well as to receive customer’s feedback on how they perceive us as a brand.”

The benefits were definitely visible very early on in the implementation of the campaign. The first quarter of 2012 offered an increase in fans on the Domino’s Facebook page of 45,391.

Being online isn’t enough. The Socially Devoted title isn’t crowned until fans are answered and Domino’s did just that. The pizza chain made questions and comments from fans a priority. Domino’s ended Q3 in 2012 with a 74% Response Rate. By providing an open wall on Facebook for customers and fans to post questions, concerns and/or comments, the brand is able to respond and provide solutions or feedback in a timely manner.

What has this done for the pizza giant? “We have made many changes, starting with the strategic area where control processes and a new budget were developed specifically for Social Media to reach, in a dynamic way, new fans to connect with and to learn about their experiences. This year we have seen a big increase in our fan count, from 15,000 fans in August 2011, to 162,000 fans. So today, Facebook has become one of our quicker and bigger resources to stay in touch with customers,” says Mendizabal.

Which Tools Does Domino’s Use?

While maintaining a successful social media campaign, it is crucial to pay attention to what works and what doesn’t. Mendizabal explains, “We realize that tools, like Socialbakers, have allowed us to see the big landscape of Facebook in Guatemala, so we have set some specific objectives based on the strategic position we are looking at for our brand. We have developed some key performance indicators to measure these objectives.”

Domino’s Guatemala has done a fine job with their social customer care. Creating a welcoming environment on Facebook for fans, responding to comments and gathering and analyzing data to enhance the social experience for their users has made Domino’s Guatemala a Socially Devoted brand.

Finally, what is the secret to their customer service? Mendizabal states, “Based on our experience, the basic formula is connecting what happens online with what happens offline. This means being consistent at every point of the contact network of your brand. Bad offline marketing doesn’t get better online.”

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