Socially Devoted Q4 Results OUT: T-Mobile USA Trounces AT&T in customer care on Facebook!

We are excited to announce that we have the Socially Devoted results for Q4! Socially Devoted, created by Socialbakers, is an industry standard that measures brands’ interactions with their fans.

Socially Devoted Q4 Results OUT: T-Mobile USA Trounces AT&T in customer care on Facebook!

When we launched the first Socially Devoted study in April of 2012, we were shocked to discover that 70% of Facebook questions were ignored. Since then, we have been utilizing a global benchmark for brands based on the number of questions responded to and how quickly they responded. And we challenged brands to engage their fans and become more Socially Devoted! They obviously heard us because their Response Rates have increased from 30% (Q2) to 48% (Q3) and 55% in Q4!

T-Mobile Crushes AT&T When it Comes to Customer Service on Facebook

According to the latest results, telecom brands T-Mobile and Virgin Mobile USA crush AT&T when it comes to social media responsiveness on Facebook. The most Socially Devoted US brands include T-Mobile USA in first place, followed by Virgin Mobile USA, and AT&T clocks in at third least responsive.

Netflix is THE Least “Socially Devoted” Brand of all US Brands

Though the absolute least performing brands on Facebook are always those with closed walls, we wondered about those who simply scored lower with response rates. Netflix came in first, leaving 3 782 questions unanswered throughout Q4, followed by Samsung Mobile USA with 3 160 questions, and finally AT&T, ignoring 2 422 questions. We wonder if these brands can take it up a notch throughout 2013!

CLICK HERE to see the worldwide ranking and NOW even results for Twitter!!!

Telecom Brands Are the most Responsive Brands in the World, Starbucks not so much

Separately, Socialbakers has found that telecom brands around the world – including Personal Argentina, Safaricom Kenya, Orange Polska, Telia, and Telenor Norge receive gold stars when it comes to social media responsiveness. They all rank high on the Socialbakers scale when it comes to answering user questions on Facebook. On the other hand, Starbucks, well known for its visibility on social media, is among the least socially devoted brands in the world with a 3.05% worldwide Response Rate. Check out the complete worldwide ranking broken down by industries here!


Brands across the web that receive at least 50 questions over the quarter and respond to at least 65% of the user questions submitted to them on Facebook qualify for inclusion in the Socially Devoted list. Among those, to determine the final rankings, the real number of questions ignored is subtracted from the real number of questions answered for each brand. Questions are identified by a question mark at the end of the sentence.

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