70% of Questions are Being Ignored by Brands on Twitter

Last week we brought you the Q4 results for Socially Devoted on Facebook and today for the first time we’ve provided the same for Twitter!

70% of Questions are Being Ignored by Brands on Twitter

As you already know, Socially Devoted has been a well-established metric since April 2012. For those who are not familiar with it, it’s a measurement that sets the benchmark for the quality of customer care in social media channels.

Just as brands ignored 70% of fan questions on Facebook when we first launched Socially Devoted, brands on Twitter currently find themselves in the same boat. We are hoping that brands will improve their response rates for their Twitter profiles , just as they have done on Facebook, and utilize this social media platform as a commonly used customer care channel Will you beef up your response rates on Twitter and join the ranks of Socially Devoted?

Vodafone UK Helps Out their Fans on Twitter

Brands from the telecommunications industry come in first when surveying worldwide Twitter pages throughout Q4. Vodafone UK proved most responsive to fans, earning a whopping 77.70% response rate and answering 5 462 fan questions! Kenyan brand, Safaricom Limited took a close second. This is not surprising, as Safaricom Limited is part-owned by Vodafone and no doubt looks to them for best practice in online customer care. Nike responds to 80% of questions on Twitter, making it to the TOP3 worldwide ranking! Tweet

Socially Devoted – Companies that could improve

Even though social media customer service is a part of social marketing success, and for example Starbucks is doing one of the best jobs with its social media engagement, the global Starbucks Twitter profile took the spot of least responsive of all of the worldwide Twitter pages. It left 5 915 of their follower questions unanswered. Mexican wireless telecommunications brand, Telcel followed Starbucks’ lead, by leaving 5 540 questions unanswered. McDonald’s came in third, with 5 437 tweets left unanswered. In Starbucks and McDonalds defense, many of its local country pages on Facebook and Twitter do respond – proving that indeed social marketing is a local practice. Yet there are questions that could and should be responded there too.

We want to challenge these brands to increase their response rate on Twitter throughout this year’s Q1! Since fans depend on social media for customer service, it is important to excel in this industry standard. Let’s make 2013 count!

Go to our Socially Devoted microsite to see more rankings for Facebook and Twitter.

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