Finance, Airlines and Telecom – The Most Socially Devoted Industries on Twitter

Since we launched Socially Devoted as an industry standard of social media customer care, we have been pleased to see brands making an extra effort to improve their Response Rates and Response Times – especially on Facebook.

Finance, Airlines and Telecom – The Most Socially Devoted Industries on Twitter

But How Does Twitter Measure Up?

We’ve seen some improvement over the last three quarters in the Response Rates, especially in the Electronics and Alcohol industries. But once again, the top 3 in the ranking are dominated by the Finance, Airlines, and Telecom industries. This is great, considering that they are all service companies and should, therefore, be responsive to all kinds of inquiries from their customers.

The Finance Industry Overtook Airlines and Telecom!

Brands from the Finance industry have shone through in Q4, taking first place. This time around, they’ve responded on average to 46.1% of the questions posted to their Twitter profiles. This is a huge improvement from 27.4% in Q2! What´s disappointing, though, is that the Telecom industry dropped from first place in Q2 to third place in the last quarter. Telecom brands have, in fact, experienced one of the lowest growths overall.

You Have to Wait Longer for a Response on Twitter

It´s taking longer for brands to respond to the questions they receive on Twitter. As you can see in the infographic below, it took them 5.6 hours in Q2, 5.1 in Q3, and towards the end of the year, it took them an average 6 hours to respond. One explanation for this is the increasing number of questions that are posted onto Twitter. Now that brands are more aware of the importance of customer care through social media, they may want to consider investing the resources to match the demand!

To see average response time by brands on Twitter, click here.

Socially Devoted is a key measurement that can help brands to improve their success in social customer care. Even brands with high Engagement Rates should not ignore it; after all who can afford not to improve on customer satisfaction?

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