Proof: Local Facebook pages work much better than the global ones

Proof: Local Facebook pages work much better than the global ones image

Are you going global or local with your Facebook Page?

We have been hesitant to publish this for a while, but we think its the right time to be showcasing what our Socialbakers Engagement Analytics platform is capable of out of box. So lets see guys!

As you can see below we have put all the pages we wanted to track to Socialbakers Engagement Analytics PRO – this is a very simple process, and took about 15 minutes for 30 pages. We put many Starbucks, Nike Football, and BMW pages in one section. Let the comparison begin!

Nike Football local vs. Nike Football global

Engagement of fans – total interactions per wall post (likes and comments) divided by total number of fans in a given day

Wall Activity Index – number of user wall posts divided by total number of fans

Starbucks local vs. Starbucks global

Engagement of fans

Wall Activity Index


BMW local vs. BMW global

Engagement of fans

Wall Activity Index


We obviously compared more analytics than just BMW, Starbucks, and Nike, but the results were similar everywhere – differences in the matter of 3 – 5× engagement difference, and much more wall activity (not to mention more relevant and local wall discussions going on).

What does this mean?
Guys, this means just one thing – if you have one global page for everything, you should probably consider creating local pages, as the “global” approach: “I send you all my news” is working a lot less. This is very similar when it comes to targeted posts on global pages. So make sure to set-up those local pages!

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  • I know this was posted a while ago, but it keeps coming up when I do research on this subject. This article needs to be retitled to Global vs. Country pages, not local pages. Of course engagement at a country level is going to be higher as that plays into so many factors including language, nationalism etc. But, also note some of the countries are not far from the global page's engagement too. The real take away here is that people can understand break downs of a brand at this level, but I argue it gets a lot more dicey when you go from national page to true local like Walmart has done, which I consider a failure and not sustainable.

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