The Sooner the Better: Fastest Responding Brands in Social Customer Care

When we introduced Socially Devoted as an industry standard of social media customer care, we knew we had to challenge brands to respond to their fans and do so as quickly as possible.

The Sooner the Better:  Fastest Responding Brands in Social Customer Care

Service industries like Telecom, Airlines, and Finance should especially ensure a prompt reaction to pressing issues, such as cancelled flights or mobile service problems. Social networks are becoming popular gateways for customers seeking help or updates in crisis situations. These networks provide a better alternative to busy call centers and may inadvertently, through one post, respond to multiple customers sharing the same problem.

Brands Are Responding Faster on Facebook but Slowing Down on Twitter

According to our Socially Devoted study for Q4 (October – December 2012), brands on Facebook are responding faster to questions from their fans. It took brands an average of 21 hours to respond to fans toward the end of June, decreasing to 19.5 hours during Q3. The latest results have revealed that brands on Facebook have shortened their average response times to 13.7 hours! Brands are more responsive on Twitter, overall, but have recently increased their response times from an average of 5.6 hours in Q1, growing to 6 hours in the last quarter.

Discover the most responsive and fastest brands across industries on our Socially Devoted microsite!

Notable Brands in Customer Care:

  • Telecom, Airlines, and Finance are the fastest responding industries.
  • JetBlue Airways and American Airlines are the fastest responding airlines on Twitter.
  • Mobile operator Claro is the most Socially Devoted brand on Facebook and responds on average in 31 minutes!
  • Fashion brands Trendyol, Next, and online stores like and are among the fastest responding retail brands.
  • Since Banco de Costarico answered every questioned received on Facebook, they’ve earned a 100% Response Rate!

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