Brand Love – The Social Way of Performing Customer Research

Even brands appreciate the love on Valentines Day. Your Facebook Page may have a lot Likes, but would your fans recommend your brand to their friends? Is your brand popular?

Brand Love – The Social Way of Performing Customer Research

From now on you will be able to discover how people feel about your brand, thanks to a new research method we have designed that measures the sentiment consumers feel towards brands. The data will be gathered from Brand Love, an application available from Facebook, the Socialbakers’ site and soon from iOS devices. Check it out here!

We would like to encourage companies to get involved into the study and share the app on their Facebook Pages with their fans. In return, they will receive a free customized report after they reach at least 300 ratings of their brand. The report will showcase the distribution of your “lovers” and “haters” by gender and age and provide an analysis of your brand reputation compared to your competition in the industry. Check out how it looks like here for BMW.

The main advantage of this social customer research is that the data is completely objective and unbiased since there aren’t any surveys, focus groups, or economic incentives involved in the study. After gathering enough data, we will release the first social media data driven report on brand popularity, mapping customer satisfaction analysis of thousands of brands around the world!

Google Chrome, Disney Pixar, and Skype Are The Most Loved Brands Now

This is a great opportunity for fans to show brands how they perceive them, learn what their friends like or dislike, share their experiences, and challenge their scores. On a scale of 1–10 fans can vote on any one of 19,000 of brands in the system (a number that is continually increasing) and show their love by rating how likely they are to recommend a brand to their friends. So far, over 9 000 people, from 133 countries have taken part in the study. They have shared their views 100,000 times, and results show that the most loved brands include Google Chrome, Disney Pixar and Skype.

The research also provides us with an industry overview of how consumers feel towards a particular vertical, for e.g. if consumers have a stronger connection with airlines or brands from the FMCG industry. Check out the latest results below!

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