Brands That Get it 100% Right – Socially Devoted on Facebook

Brands with 100% Response Rates respond to each and every question they receive on their Facebook wall. Sounds like an impossible task? These companies will prove you wrong!

Brands That Get it 100% Right – Socially Devoted on Facebook

An increasing number of businesses are gradually outsourcing customer care to social networks and we are supporting this shift by setting a valuable benchmark. According to our criteria, if a brand responds to at least 65% of questions posted to its wall, it can qualify for a Socially Devoted award. Because to be honest, some questions are either too silly, rhetorical, or unrelated and not all of them need an answer. Not to mention that some questions are proactively discussed and resolved by your community and don’t need your involvement.

Banks Believe that it Pays Off to Respond to Each Question

We would like to point out some brands that have responded to all fan questions and therefore reached a 100% Response Rate. To set things straight, all of them have received 150 questions or less on their Facebook wall during Q4 so it didn’t present such a challenge for these brands. However, their success is still worth mentioning. Brands from the finance industry have been especially diligent, such as Banco de Costa Rica, Citibank Malaysia, Havkatten, and Nykredit in Denmark and Banco Bisa from Bolivia didn’t leave a question unanswered.

And this is a list of other extremely devoted Facebook Pages from different industries:

  • Ben & Jerry’s Sweden
  • Vichy Thailand
  • Crocs Argentina
  • Europcar
  • Groupon London
  • M&M´s Switzerland
  • L´Oreal Men Expert Thailand
  • Smirnoff

What do you think? Is it important to respond to all questions posted to your Facebook wall? Let´s discuss it in the comments below!

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