Tracking the Right KPI’s: Airline Industry

The Role of KPI Analysis to Resolve Business Problems

Tracking the Right KPI’s: Airline Industry


Measuring social media metrics is important for understanding the performance of your respective Pages no matter what industry you are in. With advanced measurement reporting of social Pages, companies in markets throughout the world can identify business problems and resolve them from the valuable insights gained from analytical tools. However, the problems that companies face are vastly different from industry to industry. This report will focus on how proper social media measurement can help resolve business problems for airline companies.

The airline industry is challenged by an array of business problems that require multiple traditional channels to resolve. Through social media, many of these business problems can be resolved quickly and efficiently. By measuring critical social media metrics and implementing effective social media strategies, airline companies can provide quality social customer service, quantify the ROI on social promotions and much more! Check out the exciting out how airlines like Volaris and KLM are using social media to provide excellent social customer care.

Important Social Media KPIs for Airlines

  • Response Rate: The percentage of user posts or questions that the admin responded to.
  • Response Time: The average amount of time that it takes for the admin to respond to users posts or questions.
  • Engagement Rate: The amount of user interactions (Likes, comments and shares) that occur with your Page.
  • Key Influencer Identification: Identifying the users that most frequently interact with your Page’s content.
  • User Activity: Identifying the times of days and the days of week in which your users are most engaging most frequently with your Page.

Social Media Measurement: Business Solutions

  • Social Customer Service
  • Issue/Crisis Management
  • Direct ROI On Social Promotions
  • Brand Loyalty
  • Competitive Insights

Linking Business Solutions to Social Media Measurement KPIs

Social Customer Service

Customer service is something that every client values when determining which airline to use. It is sufficient to say that today customers expect airlines to cater to their needs on social media. Social media presents an efficient, economical, and friendly channel to provide quality customer service to passengers throughout the world through via a platform in which they feel comfortable expressing their concerns or asking customer service questions.

How to Provide Quality Social Customer Care: The first step to successful social customer care is to set up a team. This team does not have to be large; there are major airlines that provide quality social customer service with as few as 5 team members. It is recommended that a Senior Public Relations employee is either directly incorporated into this team or has the authority to take over the social media channels during a crisis. Once a social media customer care team is established, this team should:

  • Set guidelines and processes. It is very important to set Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and to align messaging with offline customer care. This is critical because both social and traditional call centers must have the same agreements in what types of customer related questions can be resolved and have the authority to resolve the same issues.
  • Once a team is established and ready to receive user questions and comments, it is very important to open your wall.
  • After the wall is open, be fully prepared to respond to user questions quickly and in a friendly manner. This will result in faster and more economical customer care than traditional call centers.
  • Make sure to set expectations about what inquiries will be answered publicly and which will be resolved in a private manner. Remember that any customer service related questions that are resolved in a public manner will improve sentiment surrounding your company and can potentially answer other users’ questions.
  • Learn from past experiences. Continuously update your SLAs and inquiry expectations to provide the best customer care possible.

Why you should measure it:

Measuring response rates and response time are critical metrics to measure for evaluating the effectiveness of social customer service. Moreover, these metrics should be analyzed as contributing factors to determine traditional customer service KPIs such as Customer Delight Index’s or Resolution Rates.

By evaluating social customer service metrics, a company can quantify the increase of customer service questions directed at social networks in place of traditional call centers. Additionally, this allows you to manage how effective your social media team is at resolving customer service issues on social media. By measuring metrics for these purposes, you can better allocate resources necessary for maintaining healthy social customer service and for determining the costs saved by decreasing the size of traditional call centers. Most importantly, customer service on social media allows you to listen and process raw customer feedback.

Most Important KPIs: Social Customer Service

Response Rate

Response Time

Key Influencers

Direct ROI On Social Promotions

Purchasing tickets online has become a common practice for travellers throughout the world. As online sales have increased, it has become easier for marketing departments to quantify the ROI of these transactions. Social media is the newest marketing channel in which it is possible to measure the ROI of specific social promotions.

How to track: Post content on your Facebook Page or Twitter Profile with a link to a social promotion. Pull analytics off your website to determine if the client was on your social media Page before completing a transaction. Compare daily success rates of offers that were promoted via social Pages versus Pages that were not promoted socially. Calculate the investment of creating that particular post with respect to the sales lift generated from the posted content.

Note – Make sure to compare promotions that are in equal demand, have the same amount of traditional advertising, etc.

Why you should Measure It

Understanding which types of content is most effective is critical for increasing social media performance. For this reason, measuring all types of engagement (post engagement rates, Page engagement rates, number of interactions, types of interactions and number of shares) is important for optimizing future content. Content optimization from measuring social metrics is paramount because an increased number of interactions will result in a much higher reach.

Most Important KPIs: Direct ROI of Social Promotions

Post Engagement Rate



Issue/Crisis Management

In the airline industry, a mismanaged social media Page could result in frequent crises that are damaging to the company image. However, with the correct crisis management plan and a critical understanding of social measurement metrics, this does not have to be the case.

Creating a Crisis Management Plan: Creating the proper social media issue and crisis management plans are important for managing your social media Pages, averting crisis, and controlling the “damage” of an inevitable crisis. Social media can be especially useful for determining potential issues or crisis’ that may arise. With this invaluable information, many of these potential issues can be avoided by implementing successful issue and crisis management plans into your general social media strategy.

It is also important to note that a Senior Public Relations leader should have the authority to take complete control of all social media networks in times of a crisis. This will result in a more effective “damage control” policy and will minimalize the negative effects towards your company.

Why you should measure it:

Measuring your response rates and times showcases your social customer service performance. This also illustrates how a Page administrator publicly responding to a negative sentiment user post can diminish the negative effects on brand reputation and avoid potential crisis. Additionally, developing relationships with key influencers is critical for effectively handling potential crisis because they can act as “brand advocates” to deter additional posts with negative sentiment.

Most Important KPIs:

Response Rates

Response Times

Key Influencers

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