Who’s Winning the Italian Election Race on Facebook?

We took a data snapshot over a three-week period throughout January and February to see how the Italian candidates are performing ahead of the elections. Voters are set to go to the polls on the 24th and 25th of February.

Who’s Winning the Italian Election Race on Facebook?

Interestingly, Bersani and Berlusconi’s popularity in the opinion polls is not mirrored on Facebook.

Beppe Grillo is in the lead in terms of fan numbers and is also the most prolific poster, cranking out 620 posts. Compare this to Silvio Berlusconi, who posted 45 times, Pierluigi Bersani who posted 97 posts, and Mario Monti with 79 posts within the measured period.

Grillo also interacts the most with his fans (2.2 million). However his engagement rate is the lowest (3.5%). So although he is posting frequently, fans do not like, share or comment on them.

Mario Monte has the lowest number of fans (72,176), but the biggest Post Engagement Rate out of everyone (5.16%). Also, he has the largest share of comments out of all post interactions (shown on the chart ‘Overview of Interactions’).

Data snapshot from January 21st to February 11th

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