Kick your Fake Twitter Followers to the Curb with Our Improved Tool

Many Twitter users have enjoyed using our Fake Followers Tool to measure the percentage of fake, inactive and good genuine followers on their Twitter accounts, as well as on the accounts of their friends and favorite brands. But now we have three new features that will help rid you of the fakers for good!

Kick your Fake Twitter Followers to the Curb with Our Improved Tool

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1. Fake Followers List

Once you start investigating your Twitter account, you will reveal the percentage of fake followers you have. With our improvements to the tool you will now be able to see who those fake or inactive people are! Even better, you can also view the list of fake followers for any account on Twitter – so start checking out your friends and favorite brands now! Who has the most genuine following? Click here to find out!

2. Block Your Fake Followers

Another new feature is the ability to block followers through the Fake Followers list so that you don’t have to go back to your Twitter account and search for them individually. Just hover over the phony follower with your mouse and click to get rid!

3. Most Searched Twitter Accounts

We also thought it would be interesting to showcase the accounts that have been run through the Fake Followers Tool the most over the last seven days! Which followings do people think are suspicious? You can find out next to the main search box.

Why is it Important to Get Rid of Fake Followers?

From the user perspective, having fake followers is only dangerous when you follow them back and they start spamming you. So pay close attention to who you start following. From a brand perspective, the risks are greater because you can get accused of buying fans. It also decreases the reach of your tweets. In the current social media climate, a brands success depends on honesty and fans need to be able to trust the brand in order to maintain loyalty.

With this improvement to our Fake Followers app, brands must put their cards on the table, so to speak, for everyone to see. So come and check out our Fake Follower Tool for yourself, learn more on how you can create a genuine Twitter community by clicking here, and get even more tips here!

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