Fastest growing countries on Facebook

Facebakers analyzes Facebook stats on a daily basis - and today we bring you the latest stats of the top growing countries.

Fastest growing countries on Facebook

Today we took the time to analyze the latest numbers of Facebook users – and we’d like to update you on what the top growing countries on Facebook are. The numbers that we have on are updated daily, and are always estimation the Facebook platform returns us on the given days. Based on a large update during last week, we have seen some big growth.

This growth is both in America, Asia, and Europe, and the top growing regions are probably Asia in terms of number of people, and Europe next.

By number of users

Top growing country by number of users: USA, managed to jump over 3 million users in the last month, aiming at 100 million Facebook users probably in January.

CountryContinentUsers grow
United StatesNorth America3,14 mil. users
IndonesiaAsia1,55 mil. users
TurkeyAsia972 k users
PhilippinesAsia865 k users
United KingdomEurope650 k users
FranceEurope587 k users
ItalyEurope445 k users
TaiwanAsia394 k uers
GermanyEurope390 k users
MexicoNorth America354 k users


Stats: Comparison of Facebook stats between 7. November and 7. December.

By percentage difference

(for countries where FB is above 500 k users)

Top growing country by percentage jump: Portugal, managed to jump almost 14% in just 1 month.

CountryContinentPercentage growth
PortugalEurope13,96 %
IndonesiaAsia11,48 %
ThailandAsia12,76 %
PolandEurope11,38 %
BulgariaEurope11,2 %
PhilippinesAsia10,9 %
HungaryEurope9,18 %
Czech RepublicEurope8,52%


Stats mechanics: Comparison of Facebook stats between 7. November and 7. December.
Numbers are based on estimations that the Facebook platform returned us on the certain days.

US on Facebook
Number of Facebook users in USA
Portugal on Facebook
Number of Facebook users in Portugal

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