New Facebook Design: What it Means for Marketers

Facebook introduced its new design – Mark Zuckerberg calls it the best personalized newspaper in the world. Check out the main changes for marketers!

New Facebook Design: What it Means for Marketers

1. Bigger Visuals and Stories

The way we share stories is constantly changing and the News Feed has primarily become a source of visual content. Mark Zuckerberg said that 50% of the average News Feed´s content is photos at yesterday´s press event and it´s well established that they are the most successful post type in engaging users. That´s why Facebook gave stories a fresh and modern look. Visuals will now become more attractive and gain more prominence in the News Feed, even those shared via third parties like Pinterest. Do you think the new version of the photo makes this meal more enticing?

2. Your Cover Photo Will Now Show Up in News Feeds

You already know how important your Cover Photo is, but now you will have to make that much more eye-catching, since they will appear in News Feeds (this applies for both organic and paid Page Like stories). The new layout is supposed to offer users more context about your Page so make sure your Cover Photo sells you well!

3. Brand Friendly “Following” Feed

Just as typical publications include a table of contents, Facebook will introduce category-specific Feeds for a personalized user experience. Nevertheless, your posts will still appear in the main News Feed and the visibility of your content will still rely on Facebook´s EdgeRank algorithm. Users will also be able to switch between a Friends Feed, a Music Feed, a Photos Feed, and more from the top-right corner of the homepage.

4. Consistent Stories Across Platforms

The new design will be consistent throughout desktop, mobile, and tablet. All of these platforms should offer a left-hand menu and offer the same user experience.

Do you like the new Newsfeed? Let us know in comments section below! There is a limited rollout before is becomes available to the general public. You can sign up on the microsite to be one of the first owners of the new design. It will be accessible to mobile and tablet users within the next few weeks.

It will be interesting to see how these changes affect reach and advertising strategies – we will definitely monitor the development. Once you get the new design, you can also track yours and your competitors´ Engagement Rate, Fan Growth and other important metrics with Analytics PRO – check it out here!

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