Is Your Business Benchmarking its Engagement Rate?

Do you now how to measure your Engagement Rate? It´s an important social media metric that expresses how successful you are in engaging your audience within a social network.

Is Your Business Benchmarking its Engagement Rate?

It´s also a key performance indicator that has a direct impact on reach, as proven here, and drives the conversion of your fans to paying customers. We monitored the average Engagement Rates of Facebook Pages of different sizes and industries for a whole year, beginning from January 2012 to the end of January 2013, and reached the following conclusion: the more fans you have, the more challenging it gets to engage and reach more Facebook users. It´s only natural that engaging a larger fan base is more difficult, as it sets higher demands on the quality of the content – you need more people to Like, Comment on, and Share your posts in order to be successful.

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Below you can see the results from January 2013:

The Automobile Industry Drives the Most Engagement. Why?

Car brands have once again proven that they know how to engage their community on Facebook. As you can see in the table below, they dominate the ranking with a 0.86% average Page Engagement Rate, followed by alcohol, and airline brands. BMW, Ferrari, and Mercedes-Benz post a plethora of photos displaying newly designed cars on their Pages. The ever-changing designs of these luxury goods seem to resonate with fans, as opposed to more functional items such as electronics.

Photos are the most engaging post type shared by page admins. Unfortunately, achieving a high Engagement Rate is not as easy as simply posting a lot of photos. You also need products, services, or content worth visualizing frequently. The automobile industry has the advantage of being able to portray a large number of features, such as design details, performance in different weather conditions, and capabilities through specific terrains.

The airline industry has experienced the biggest increase in average Page Engagement Rate since last January – by 86.63%! Check out the performance of KLM, Lufthansa or Southwest Airlines here.

How Can You Measure Your Average Page Engagement Rate?

To measure your daily performance on Facebook, you can use the equation below and compare your results with the average values by page size and industry in the attached tables.

You can also sign up for a free 14-day trial with Analytics PRO to monitor, not only your Engagement Rate, but also other important metrics, such as Fan Growth, Response Rate, Response Time, and your Key Influencers. Remember, social is not only about one metric – find out more about it here.

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