What Facebook’s New News Feed Means for your Marketing Strategy

On March 7th, 2013 Facebook announced it’s biggest change in News Feeds to date, calling it the “best personalized newspaper in the world.” We took a look at how this change will affect social marketers and how you can make it work best for you.

What Facebook’s New News Feed Means for your Marketing Strategy

Capitalize on your Visual Content more than ever

One of the first things you’ll notice when surfing the new News Feed is that photos are now much larger and much more enticing. Facebook has enhanced the uploaded photos in order to focus on individual accounts. In addition to the larger, richer photo posts, the new Newsfeed incorporated other visual changes with the way fans interact with your brand. For example, when a user “Liked” your Page, your brand’s profile photo would show up. This is how it will look under the new News Feed:

What this means: Your cover photo is now more important than ever. Marketers must really decide on how they want their products portrayed, what they value, and what message they want to send to their fans.

Not only that, but photos of your fans will be found under your brand’s cover photo when a user “Likes” your Page. This makes it easier for users to see what their friends are interested in and what brands they are connecting with.

User photos can also show up if they share a photo or video post. Videos will become more pronounced and will be portrayed in the News Feed in the same way as the new photo posts.

More Competition on the News Feed Front

Users will be able to alternate between different News Feeds and filter them by a variety of topics, including “All Friends,” “Most Recent,” “Photos Only,” “Close Friends” and a special “Following” Feed for brands and public figures. Only time will show which feeds users will use the most; whether they will spend most of their time in the old general News Feed including all Faceook content or if they will prefer the “Close Friends” Feed and ignore the “Following” Feed to avoid posts by brands. In order to prevent this situation, choose your post frequency and your content wisely to keep your fans wanting more. You should also take into account that you will not be the only brand in the dedicated feed, other brands will be there as well, fighting for your audience´s attention.

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Mobile Dependability

Lastly, the new News Feed will be the same across all devices – mobile, tablet, and web. This will create a more uniform look and a more consistent user experience. For example, the left hand menu is found on any new News Feed, regardless of what device you use to connect to the Internet.

Marketing Strategy Tips

1. Publish more visual content – with the enhancement of photos and videos in the new News Feeds, visual content will be more important than ever. If you have previously created text-only posts, it’s time to consider converting them into an image just like Lancome did recently:

2. Plan photo-focused ads – we have stressed the importance of posting photos in the new News Feeds. When creating ads, think about how to incorporate them into a photo. This will increase reach to your fans, especially those who take advantage of the “Photos Only” News Feeds.

3. Shorten your copy – the new News Feeds will also change the way your copy is displayed on a photo post. While in the old News Feed copy appeared above the photo, it will not be displayed as an overlay on the actual photo. Too much copy can distract from the intention of the photo and look generally less appealing.

4. Focus on your key influencers – users will be now be able to see content posted only by friends. The more fans you have sharing your content on their Pages, the more reach it will have to other users.

5. Create more compelling content – Facebook is rapidly exploding with content. Make sure that yours is seen above the flood. Encouraging engagement is key.

6. Encourage users to “Check-In” to your business – the new News Feed is also changing the way it looks when people “Check-In,” making it clearer and more valuable.

7. Increase “Likes” on your brand Page – as we discussed, Facebook is changing the way it displays “Likes.” Now that the new “Likes” displays your default and cover photo, your brand’s philosophy is shown each time a fan “Likes” your page.

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