Socialbakers Builder: Now with Google+!

We’ve got great news for Google+ users! Socialbakers has incorporated Google+ into its Builder accounts. What does Builder do for its users? Read on…

Socialbakers Builder: Now with Google+!

Socialbakers’ Builder allows you to build and manage engagement across your social media platforms. It gives you the ability to publish all of your content from one easy-to-use dashboard. From this you can manage Facebook, Twitter and Google+ profiles, posts, comments, and supporting materials all at the same time.

Not only that, a customized feed allows you to see what your competitors are posting from their platforms as it happens.

Builder gives you the freedom to publish anytime and anywhere. With this tool, you can customize your posts, target specific groups or regions, and schedule them to be posted later in times.

Its filters, allow you to label any post or comment and categorize it for easy filtering within the interface. Each section of the dashboard can be custom-labeled and cross-filtered.

You can also assign posts and issues. This function allows users to post, comment, or tweet to any individual, ad hoc group, department or combination thereof while still controlling access.

If you are a Socially Devoted brand, or on the path to becoming one, Builder is the ideal tool to manage and monitor your outgoing posts using multiple profiles, allowing users to provide efficient customer care through social media channels.

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