Builder: Intelligent Social Content Management

Are you at your wits end, wondering how to effectively manage your social media efforts on a large scale? Have you ever wondered what your competitors are posting in real-time on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+? Have you been staying up late to post on Twitter in order to target an audience in a different time zone? You can resolve all these questions in one easy-to-use dashboard. Find out how!

Builder: Intelligent Social Content Management

Builder is a content management platform that helps marketers increase social media efficiency. With Builder real-time competitive analysis, performance reporting, and collaborative workflow, you will maintain total control of social publishing.

This means that you no longer have to email screen shots of pressing issues to your customer service department in order to respond accurately. Make sure that the responsibilities of your large teams being properly managed, while also receiving analysis of how conversations and community managers are performing. Builder provides publishing features that enable you to optimize content for individual social networks (Facebook, Twitter, and Google+), to post on multiple Pages at a scheduled time, to monitor your competition, report on conversations, and much more! The dashboard is divided into four separate columns that function as independent feeds: Competition, Sent, Incoming, and Outbox. Each column offers an option to switch between live feeds and assigned feeds.

  • Competition – shows competitor publications in real-time. Monitor what your competitors are doing, see performance metrics of each post, and improve your own content by learning from others success.
  • Sent – this feed displays all published posts of your Pages and Profiles, you can track interactions (Shares, Comments, Likes) in real-time.
  • Incoming – displays the posts and comments that appear on your Facebook Page and all mentions and replies to your Twitter or Google+ account.
  • Outbox – this section stores the posts that you have scheduled for a certain time or are waiting approval, giving you total control of what, where, and when content is published.

Social Media Multitasking – Post to Multiple Pages at the Same Time

You can either publish an identical post or amend the post per your needs to different pages, accounts, or platforms. You can also schedule them for different dates and times, target them by a specific language, gender or age, use link shorteners, and much more!

Another great feature is the publishing calendar. This allows you to plan and publish all of your content on a monthly, weekly or daily basis. Simply click onto any time that you wish to publish something, create the content, choose the pages and profiles you want to publish to and voila. The post will automatically post at the time and date of your choosing.

You can also interact with your audience within the individual feeds. On the top right corner of the Facebook post, you can see the current number of shares, comments, and Likes. At the bottom part of the post are icons for Labels, Likes, Reply, Assign, Delete, or More, where you can move a post to Archive, preview the post, or view user info. By clicking on any user interacting with your content, you can view the history of your conversations for a wider context and a better understanding of your relationship.

Delegating Posts to Specific Teams and Colleagues

One of the great advantages of Builder is being able to manage all of your accounts from one dashboard. Simultaneously, you can assign single or multiple posts to a specific colleague or to entire teams, such as technical support, customer care, sales, etc. Other useful features include attaching messages, comments, or instructions to clarify the assignment, and choosing its priority range from low to high. Your social media team will be notified by email, making it easy to set priorities and delegate tasks based on your needs.


Quickly report on all conversations, content, and community management activities that are occurring across all of your monitored social profiles. Receive an overview of all conversations, allowing you to see how quickly community managers are responding to incoming interactions, the average conversation times, and more! You can also see the performance of content, such as the number of interactions and engagement rates. Lastly, you can take a look into the performance of any community manager or into entire teams.

Quickly export any of the reports to get an instant overview of your content and conversation management performance!

Customized Labels and Filters

Our dashboard also utilizes a full text search and various filters. You can choose whether you want to display posts from only Facebook, Google+, or Twitter. You can also create customized labels to use as filters. For example, you can choose to monitor the content strategy of all Super Bowl sponsors or to track posts labeled as “Easter” to evaluate your own campaign. Furthermore, you can filter content assigned to different people or the post´s status (none, no action needed, in progress, and done).

Advanced filters include content type, states (archived/deleted), competition, or date and time. Once you have chosen a filter style, you can save it for later use and choose whether you want all Builder users to see it or not.

Time Zone and Intervals Matter

Builder offers a huge competitive advantage, especially within these two features. Each user within Builder or any Page or account added to the dashboard can have their own time zone, so that posts like “Happy New Year” appear in news feeds when it´s relevant. In case you are managing three different Pages and you want to post similar content, you can take advantage of the “post in intervals” feature, which can separate posts minutes from each other. Why is this important? Because Facebook has a tendency to group these posts and even a 15-minute interval can help you from spamming the social network.

Builder is a robustly flexible and fully customizable workflow management system and it has much more to offer. Learn more about Builder PRO by contacting!

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