New From Socialbakers! Ad Analytics: How to Increase the Efficiency of Facebook Ads

Ever wondered how wisely your advertising budget is spent on Facebook, which Facebook ads are most effective, or how to manage and optimize time-consuming ad campaigns? Well, Socialbakers’ Ad Analytics makes it simple to manage all of the elements, and much more!

New From Socialbakers!  Ad Analytics:  How to Increase the Efficiency of Facebook Ads

Ad Analytics combines the most important aspects of the ad management and analytics spectrums, giving you the opportunity to act immediately, based on real insights.

Ad Analytics answers questions, such as:

  • How are we performing compared to the competition in our market?
  • When is the best time to advertise on Facebook?
  • What kind of ads to publish?
  • Which platforms and channels have lowest prices and best response rates?
  • Which markets and age groups are best suitable for our advertising plans?

Our platform implements a more hands-on approach, allowing you to quickly create and manage personalized ads and campaigns. With a little bit a tweaking, you can create campaigns that utilize options, such as auto-bidding, optimization rules, or time scheduling. These features will simplify your campaign management, saving you time, and allowing you to focus on more important tasks.

Ad Analytics will also soon launch functionalities that will spot the virality of a particular Facebook post and enhance the best ones, making the most out of your Facebook ad money. Social marketers shouldn’t have to make decisions on a post-by-post basis. Our Ad Analytics platform allows you to make a decision once a month and takes care of the rest for you.

Insights into your Advertising Activities All Under One Dashboard

Ad Analytics’ dashboard will provides insight into the overall performance of all your ad activities for Facebook Pages, places, and apps.

You can easily filter out different types of inventory for deeper insights, or access specific Page/Place/App to find out more details about it.

Ad Analytics Detailed View

Our Ad Analytics detailed view provides information about specific parts of your ad campaigns, Pages, and apps.

Within a single page, you are able to view and analyze different types of metrics, such as


  • Key Competitor Fan Overlaps – you can position yourself against your competitors and determine which percentage of your Fans are also Fans of your competitors.
  • Ad Placement Distribution – allows you to identify platforms and channels that are performing well (e.g. Desktop vs. Mobile, all Facebook vs. News Feed).
  • Ad Type Effectiveness – find out which type of ads are performing the best (standard Facebook ads vs. sponsored stories).
  • Time of Day Effectiveness – determine the best times to run your ad campaigns.
  • Demographic Overview – find out if your ads are effective throughout specific age groups.
  • Keyword Suggestions – find new interests and keyword suggestions to boost your advertising activities.
  • Country Overview – gather more information about the markets you are targeting and the effectiveness of your ad campaigns in different ones.

Key Competitor Fan Overlap

Time of Day Effectiveness

Create and Manage your Ads

After your advertising data has been analyzed, Ad Analytics will help you create and manage campaigns that can be more cost-effective, conversion oriented, and targeted to produce higher ROIs, more fans, leads, and higher reach. It’s up to you to define your advertising goals.

When opening Ad Manager’s Dashboard, you will see all ad accounts you have at your disposal. Accessing one of the available ad accounts lets you see and overview of all campaigns, either from the past or that are currently active.

From there you can easily navigate to different parts of ad management tool:

  • Add, Schedule, and Optimize Campaigns – automatically rotate a large number of ad images, headlines, and text to keep your ad content fresh. Automatic pausing of non-performing ads. Schedule your ads to run during specific hours and dates (e.g. working hours, weekends).
  • Add New Conversion Types – track your downloads, subscription or sales, and optimize campaigns based on conversion data.
  • Create, Run, or Schedule Reports – create templates and schedule reports on a weekly or monthly basis so you can automatically send them to your team or clients.
  • Switch between Ad Accounts and Campaigns – one click access through easy-to-use navigation.

Ad Management Campaign View

Ad Creation Process

Creating ads with different text, titles, or pictures may take you hours, as the ad creation process on Facebook can be time consuming. Our Ad Analytics enables advertisers to create multiple ads with different settings and targets simultaneously. Need hundreds of ads in under a minute!? That’s no problem at all with Ad Analytics.

Ad Creation Process

As you can see, our Ad Analytics has a lot to offer. You can schedule a demo right away or find out more about it by contacting us.

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