Analyze Your Facebook Performance with our Executive Reports

We have a special treat for Analytics Pro users and another incentive for those who haven’t yet signed up for competitive social media monitoring.

Analyze Your Facebook Performance with our Executive Reports

From now on, any Analytics PRO user can generate weekly or monthly Facebook Executive Reports based on key metrics. Unlike standard custom reports, these offer more sophisticated benchmarking features, comparing one or two selected Facebook Pages, with a custom benchmark in an infographic layout. They can be immediately exported into a “pdf” file and sent to one or more recipients by email. The new performance reports are designed to communicate your work in a visual and digestible way, which saves you time and allows you to focus on more strategic operations.

Custom Benchmarks Contextualize Your Performance

Are you more engaging than your competition, yet still experiencing slower fan growth? You can gain essential insights through custom benchmarks that display the top 5 best performing brands out of the labels you create within the Analytics PRO dashboard. You can select as many accounts as you’d like and label them by categories: industry vertical (airlines, energy drinks), a relevant event (Super Bowl, Fashion Week) or seasonal campaign (Christmas or Easter). If you don´t have labels for the specific Facebook Pages you wish to compare, the report will present you with the five best performing brands, within respective metrics from your dashboard. The reports offer in-depth competitive analysis, which is valuable when considering your social strategies since the market is also shaped by your competition, industry, and other variable factors.

Tip: Check out how you can create labels and other benchmarking features in our Analytics PRO walk through here.

Executive Reports Include these Metrics:

  • Relative Fan Growth
  • Local Fans Graph
  • Admin Page posts, the most frequently posted post types (links, photos, videos, status updates etc.), and the most engaging ones
  • Most engaging post times (days of the week and hours of the day)
  • Total Fans interactions, posts interaction overview (Likes, Shares, Comments), number of posts shared by fans
  • Average Post Engagement Rate
  • Average Response Rate for user questions, average number of questions posted per day, the average Response time
  • Most engaging Posts overview

Follow These 3 Simple Steps


Simply log onto Analytics PRO and click on “Executive Report” on the left side menu. Next, follow these three simple steps: select one or two Facebook Pages that you would like to compare with your customized label, select the time range you are interested in (either week or month), and finally generate your report in a “pdf” file. Click the boxes if you want to email the report to one or more recipients or include an overview of all the metrics shown.


You can easily organize your dashboard by creating labels. This allows you to filter the social media Pages you are tracking according to specific industries. You can select as many accounts as you want and label them with a category or topic. For example, you can choose different airline companies and label them under the category “airlines.”

Red Bull vs. Monster

Let’s just see how our new Executive Reports looks like! We’ve taken a look at Red Bull in comparison to Monster during the last week of March, from the 25th to the 31st. Our Executive Reports compares the Fan Growth during the week, provides a graph of the Local Fans, shows Post Times, and much more! Analytics PRO users can compare their brands against their competition or evaluate any brand they’d like to, starting today!

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