Socialbakers launches a Facebook page management system – CMS

Check out our new tool that allows you to manage your Facebook Page very effectively!

Socialbakers launches a Facebook page management system – CMS

We decided to develop a tool which puts together everything we’ve been doing for a while. The author of Socialbakers – Candytech (Facebook Preferred Developer Consultant) is a creative development agency which runs Facebook campaigns for their clients and also helps brands establishing their presence on Facebook.

At Candytech, we figured that proper management of a Facebook page is something that needs some great skills and effective time management. Often you are challenged to create post plans ahead, have them approved from your client, post them in a right time on the wall and also follow the conversation afterwards. This process can be very time consuming especially when you manage more than one Facebook Page.

Create your posting plan

The benefit of our technology is that it allows you to easily create your posting plan, have it approved by client and launch it in pre-defined times. This is a very powerful feature for teams handling their Facebook communication as it will allow them to collaborate on their Facebook approach within one interface.

Assign response to your team

Another cool thing we would like to introduce is a very easy to use tab creator. Within just a few clicks you will be able to launch fully customized applications directly on your Facebook Page. We start with two applications at this moment – Quiz and a Static tab. More of them are already in development but what’s even cooler – we will open our platform for the 3rd party developers which will easily implement their tab solutions into our system. The benefit of this solution is that creative agencies will be able to implement their set of tabs into our system and then offer it as a complete Facebook management solution to their clients.

Launch customized Facebook tab

These are the initial key features which we believe will make the system very effective and easy to use. And of course, what would it be for a Socialbakers product if it hadn’t had an Analytics integration!

Try our system now at and get 14-day trial at no charge, or try a free version of our system, which includes:

  • Wall post scheduling
  • Access for up to 2 admins
  • 1 Active Facebook tab

If you are interested in more information, also you can easily contact us!

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