Socialbakers Places statistics launched

Socialbakers launches Facebook Places statistics. Find out what are the most checked-in locations!

Socialbakers Places statistics launched

Socialbakers has as the first company in the world, launched a social location based analytics product to monitor Facebook Places. We were also able in most cases to determine the country of the points, and where we haven’t, we are working on doing so.

We at Socialbakers are monitoring checkins and likes for every place and country in the world, and in this beta, we have added all Facebook Places in the world that have over 10 checkins. Don`t kill us, we might have missed some, but you can definitely write us and suggest we are missing your Places with a set of links.

Go ahead, we have open this section for free, exclusively for our users who are logged in. So go and check out Socialbakers Places statistics.

The real question is, what are the TOP 10 places to checkin in the world?

The answer is simple – airports. Airports are the most checked in places, with Los Angeles airport.

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