Facebook Statistics: Top European Penetration

What are the most Facebook penetrated countries in Europe?

Facebook Statistics: Top European Penetration

Here we are with another Facebook countries report. This time, let’s touch the topic of Facebook penetration within Europe. According to our data of Facebook users and country population data, the most Facebook penetrated country in Europe is Monaco with more than 90 % penetration. Of course this value could be high due to a fact that there are many people who actually connect to Facebook in Monaco but are not residents of the country and thus don’t appear in the official country population statistics.

What’s even more interesting to see is that 5 out of TOP 8 countries come from the Nordic region (Iceland, Faroe Islands, Norway, Denmark and Sweden).

Last one missing from this region is Finland hidden on the 16th position in Europe. Maybe the cold weather really does have something to do with the usage of Facebook ;-)

How high do you think the penetration can go?

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