Socialbakers’ Engage 2013 Conference is Just Around the Corner!

Mark your calendars for Socialbakers’ Engage 2013 Conference, to be held April 23rd, at the Hilton London Metropole Hotel. Don’t miss out on this all-day event and your chance to meet leading experts in the field of social marketing!

Socialbakers’ Engage 2013 Conference is Just Around the Corner!

Who’s Going to be There

We’ve got an amazing line-up of top leaders in social marketing, including Twitter’s Bruce Daisley, Ricky Chopra from Mindshare, Lionelle Lasalle from KLM Rick Edwards, TV presenter for Channel 4, and many more! Speakers will discuss a number of current topics, including the shift from desktop to mobile marketing, the power of local content marketing and social customer care, and the most important metrics for an effective social marketing campaign.

Event Schedule

Our high quality program will cover all important aspects of social marketing and help you to develop customized programs in order for your brand or agency to achieve social marketing success. Here are the topics we will cover:

  • Entering a new era of social analytics
  • Innovation and quality in social campaigns are the key to ROE
  • A shift from desktop to mobile marketing
  • The next stage of social media
  • Social brands 100 – the story so far: Insight into social marketing research
  • We Like the World: A charity partnership
  • The first “social” spaceship to land on the moon
  • Death match: An agency duel

Our speakers are excited to provide insights into their social expertise and share their experiences. We are all eager to answer any questions that you may have, discuss social trends, and meet you in person. If you haven’t signed up for Engage 2013, make sure to do it today. We’ll see you there!

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