Socially Devoted Results Show Massive Increase in Demand for Social Customer Care

Our latest Socially Devoted results are now in showing that customers are increasingly turning to social media to get customer care from brands! Brands have recognized the importance of our Socially Devoted standard and really stepped up to the challenge.

Socially Devoted Results Show Massive Increase in Demand for Social Customer Care

As we’ve mentioned before, when we first introduced Socially Devoted as an industry standard, we found that 70% of questions were being ignored on Facebook! Since then, we have continued to benchmark brands based on the number of user questions they have responded to and how quickly they have responded to them. Brands worldwide took up the challenge and have really nailed it! In just a year, brands have become 100% more Socially Devoted!

Industries have Boosted their Response Rates

The FMCG Industry deserves a round of applause! This industry has increased its Response Rate by a whooping 39% over the last three quarters, taking it from 17% to 56%! The Fashion Industry takes second place, with a 36.7% increase, rising from 24.9% to 61.6% in Q1. Finance is the leading industry when it comes to responding to user questions on Facebook, with a dominating 79.9% Response Rate. They also take third place in increasing their scores, rising from 46.4% to 79.9%.

We just wanted to let brands know that you should be proud of yourselves and to keep up the good work. As you know, the climate of social media is continually changing and in order to succeed, you’ll have to change with it. We provide the tools you need to maintain effective social media strategies throughout numerous platforms.

For the latest information about Socially Devoted, join us at the Engage 2013 Conference, to be held on April 23rd, at the Hilton Metropole Hotel in London.

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